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August 12, 2017 18:08

Bur for the gun - how to get a reliable set of consumables ?

Boer for punch - what is it?

The merits and advantages of the device for perforating openings and holes in concrete or masonry walls and partitions are convinced all who at least once carried out such works.Indeed, the punch is indispensable in such cases, especially if you need to perform drilling or chiselling and hammering combine.

Unlike drills, rotary hammers are armed with special locks, cartridges, which are installed in removable head piece in the form of various chisel tips, drills and blades.Since the formation of the various holes in very hard materials is the main task of the punch and drill, a change of the working attachments must be made quickly, in one or two movements.

standard SDS is exactly what allows you to attach any attachment, for example, drill on concrete for punch.Just insert the shank into the holder and turn it around.All fixed nozzle, it is possible to work with.But how to choose a tip, look at below.

set of drills for punch - what determines the type of drill?

Depending on the class, the guns can be light, medium and heavy (real jackhammers).Accordingly, the class calculated and Interchangeable nozzles.Thus, the already mentioned type of stem plus typically has a set of drills for the middle class punch.

But for heavy punchers, respectively, there are a number of interchangeable working tips with shank type max.Experts do not recommend during work on drills to establish a middle class sets of nozzles, designed for heavy punchers.Although manufacturers, seeking to please the needs of the consumer, producing a large number of all kinds of adapters, allowing to set the Boers "Max" in the drills "pluses".

But often not comparable even their external dimensions, borax to punch hard sometimes weigh more than the middle class tool.Therefore, it makes no sense to force the punch, not calculated not only on the performance of such heavy work, but also for the installation of max-Boers.

drill on concrete for punch - especially the selection and use of construction of the drilling

a lot, but basically it looks like a drill with a spiral cutting part.Like a drill, a spiral automatically removes the sludge from the work area and shattered fragments of material.The very edge of the working part is made of tungsten carbide materials, it has a rounded shape, which increases its strength under shock loads.

As the working conditions of shiftworkers drills tips are heavy, the most popular sizes are usually offered in sets.For example, a drill to punch 6 mm as the most running in the device guide profile of the plasterboard ceiling or mounting frame structure for a similar cladding, packaging sold ten pieces.It is well worth its purchase, undertaking repairs or construction work.

Borax do not wash or cool water, not sharpened, not aligned and do not repair.It is a consumable.

choosing between the spiral forms of the Boers, keep in mind that the more steep spiral, the better the removal of waste material faster and deeper drilling is obtained.Greater strength in this case will have the option of a shallow spiral.For shallow holes is preferable to apply it.From the producer of it depends also on the durability of the consumables.For professional work you need to choose a high quality drill, although the price he may be much higher than that of "one-off" of nozzles.

In addition, high-quality drill from a reputable manufacturer will come to the holder on the shape and size of the shank.While in low-cost sample of unknown origin may well be unable to withstand the dimensions of grooves and recesses that have a negative impact on the work-holder cartridge.Therefore, compliance must be maintained, because a damaged cartridge, in turn, will result in damage to the drill.

In Progress is necessary before each installation in the drill chuck holder to lubricate his tail like a thin layer of oil lithologic.The amount of lubricant - no more than a pea.At work, especially long brown, you can not move with respect to the drilling axis, so as not to break the nozzle.

You can not work attachments that are not intended for this type of work.For example, drill w / w design brown, not designed to "meet" with accessories.To avoid overheating of the extraction nozzle of the holes is carried out once every ten seconds and the speed of rotation must correspond to the rating.