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August 12, 2017 18:08

Dryer construction : the use in repair work and not only

Application tool in different types of work

This article will help beginners to masters to learn that you can make building a hairdryer.This tool is extremely convenient supplier of hot air, which comes out at a certain speed.The main application of this device can be considered:

  • Softening paints, which are subject to removal;
  • Welding of polyethylene films;
  • Bending plastic pipes building;
  • soldering metals and processing of wooden products and materials.

other words, when using this construction element can perform a great number of problems, which are considered an integral part of any construction process.Special attention should be paid to the ease of use the hair dryer, but this will be discussed below.

Important!Do not use the tool for purposes not listed in this document as a hair dryer building: instructions.

description of the workflow, as an instruction for beginners

So what needs building dryer?This tool is used in the works, and where required using very hot air to work on the structural characteristics of a particular type of material.The main tool used is very similar to domestic analogues, which are used for drying hair.

Important!It is not necessary to use the building hair dryer, air heating because the temperature in it exceeds all the standards of home appliances.

Building dryer to remove the paint has only two heating modes: 550 and 300 degrees.In other words, in order to pick up the desired temperature of the air, it is necessary to adjust the distance from the heater to the working surface of the material.The device will be further from the selected material, the lower will be the temperature of heating the air.

nozzles and their importance

Nozzles for building dryer are quite important in dealing with certain types of material.As a rule, the standard tool equipment has four nozzles, each of which is used for individual works.When using this equipment must be handled with the tool very carefully. Important! need to let it cool down, so as not to spoil the processed material after using the hair dryer with a nozzle.

Due to the fact that the nozzles are made of thin metal, they are pretty fast and very hot.Thus, before you use the hair dryer building, it is worth remembering this little feature.If you put a hot dryer on a working surface of the material, the nozzle is able to damage it.For this reason, hair dryer must be allowed to cool or use a special metal stand.

Alternative application

tool How to work building a hairdryer for commercial purposes?This question is considered to be quite common.However, this tool can do a lot of different work, in particular, to cook barbecue.

With this unit can be easily and quickly heat up the charcoal, avoiding the use of special instigators and small twigs.Coal is heated enough quality, that and wish all the fans of this dish. Important! Do not warm up the meat with a hair dryer, because it can affect the smell and taste of food.