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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wardrobe compartment with his hands video

Wardrobe compartment with his hands photo How to make furniture the hands of wood.Make yourself a nice sliding wardrobe video lessons.

First you need to decide where it will be the next cabinet and what he will have sizes.Take a tape measure or a ruler and make all the measurements - width, depth, height.It is also necessary to make a drawing of how it will look inside and outside the cabinet.Drawings can be done in special programs or on paper.To save money and space in a side or rear panels, you can use the wall.But this option is suitable only if the walls are smooth.It will also be useful to go to the furniture store, and "feel" closets.Pay attention to the details of construction, fittings, assembly and so on. We have already told how to make the built-in sliding wardrobe with his hands without the video, but with drawings and instructions, read.

When all the dimensions are known, it is possible to start production of parts.As the material is better to use imported particleboard, it is stronger.All items must be strictly sawn to size.Use the hacksaw to do this is problematic.Therefore, in order to save money, sawing chipboard sheets is better to make in a specialty store when purchasing.The edges of the pieces you need to treat yourself milaminovoy edge.This can be iron, warmed on average power.The edge is applied to the edge of the details, from top to spend iron and all.A minute later, the cooled film can straighten office knife.

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All parts are attached to each other and to the wall with metal corners and screws.Pre-need to calculate how many parts need and where they will be located, to wardrobe turned out strong and steady.Guides for doors and fasten with screws.First the top of the rail, and then parallel to the bottom.The main door to collect exactly under the scheme.Guides are established strictly on the level, otherwise the door will move down one side.If between the door and the wall formed by the gap, the door can be adjusted with a special key.Hole for adjustment is at the bottom side.

If the rear wall is a wall, first attach the shelves and drawers.Then, side panels, and then - the door.If the case of a compartment is completely going out of sawn elements, the first frame is going to - rear and side walls.The assembly is better out on the floor so that the cabinet was face down.In this case, careful attention must be paid to the rear wall.It must be carefully calibrate the level and bolted straight, t. To. It will be the main element of the frame.After assembling the carcass structure is raised and mounted shelves and drawers.

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