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August 12, 2017 18:06

Which is better : a bathtub or shower - a comparison and reviews

Bath and shower in one bathroom
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During repairs in the bathroom, especially if the room is not in a spacious, almost every apartment owner thinks, leave the bath, or replace it with a comfortable cabin to quickly take a shower and be able to squeeze in the room even a washing machine, water heater or some other object, which now does not have enough space.We decided to compare these two popular plumbing fixtures to help you in the selection.

Shower and glass bath in one

Comparison Table

Each type of plumbing has its advantages, as well as present some drawbacks.Let us compare them on the most important parameters:





Even a small bathroom takes a lotplace

Saves space of the room, as are smaller

water consumption

large enough - not less than 200 liters per bath

very economical - an average of 4050 gallons per shower

electricity consumption

Basking in the bath, you are spending more energy

Since the shower is fairly quick procedure, light flow will be reduced by 5-8%

consumption of household chemistry

for bath treatment requires more chemicals

Because at the pallet area (2-5 times), cleaning products and consumes less


to take a bath, we have some time to wait, so that the water filled device

Taking a shower can be almost as soon as they turn on the water

Effects on the body

Soothes andIt relaxes

Invigorates and tones

Comfort using

can relax the muscles in the warm water, arrange aromaprotsedury, take a bath with salt, decoction of herbs, do air massage

depending onmodel cabin option is available whirlpool, rain shower and other advanced options


risk of slipping, getting out of the bath, there will be more

minimum risk of injury, so usually purchased by families with elderly (easy to cross the ledge, can be placed inside the seat)

Contraindications to the use of

is not recommended to take a bath in hypertension and varicose veins, as well as skin problems

Contrasting the procedure can not be performed in cases of colds andcardiovascular pathologies, and to wash with warm water no contraindications

duration of water treatment

hot bath should not last longer than 15 minutes, warm - longer than half an hour

restrictions on the duration of the no

-removing impurities from the body

As a result of prolonged exposure to warm water to remove dirt and sweat from the body much easier

to remove stubborn dirt from the body, it takes effort


Clean fairly easy because the device area is smaller

cleaning more difficult and time-consuming, it is necessary to wash the stall after every use

installation complexity

determined simply

specialists will install the booth3-5 hours depending on the size of your bathroom, and a separate installation takes 1-2 days

as for the cost, it is necessary to compare the device with similar characteristics.From the ratio of quality and price and good quality bath dushkabinka will be approximately at the same level.Manufacturers strive to reduce prices (as the high level of competition), as well as to offer various additional functions.

Oval white bath for a small bathroom
Shower glass bathroom rectangular room
Simple shower bathroom small room
Bath water with hydromassage features

gidroboksom - combine bath and shower

If you make the choice very difficult, it is possible to resort to an alternative that allows to take the bestof each sanitary unit.This is especially useful if one of the family members love to lie in the bath, while others do not want to spend time on the water treatments, so they prefer to shower.Also, a combined device is suitable for families with small children, as it allows to bathe the baby.Moreover, in modern gidroboksom there are many other options to get the maximum benefit from any water treatment.

Gidroboksom corner with a bathtub in the spacious bathroom
Gidroboksom with a rectangular bath in a small bathroom
Gidroboksom corner with a bathtub in the spacious bathroom


In choosing the main element of the bathroom, which is a bath or shower cubicle, it is important to be based on their needs.For example, young people who have to clean very quickly and almost never typed a bath, it is more convenient to replace it with a shower.If you are in the presence of a bath at least once a week, it is completely filled, like aromatic treatments, relax in the warm water, of course, you just need a bath.

Shower bathroom
A bath in a small bathroom

also a bath it is worth considering buying a home, planning a child, because after the appearance of the baby at this plumbing will have more advantages than the shower stall.If you are going to replace the cabin bath to win some free space in a small bathroom, think, do not need a bath I return back.In this case it is necessary to re-do the repair.Get rid of the bath only in situations where 100% sure that it is you no longer need.

Bath with shower and shower screen glass


People who are faced with the need to choose for the bathroom dushkabinku room or bath, it is recommended to pay attention to such nuances:

  • If your family no basking longin the bath, shower would be the best option as save floor space by half.
  • If you install in a bathroom shower faucet and hang the curtain, you can safely enjoy and shower, and taking a bath.If you install the shower stall to take a bath will be impossible if you do not select an option with high pallet.
  • purchasing booth, keep an eye not cheap models that have little additional functions.In the experience of many users who use such an option is very rare, and the cost is increased quite considerably.
  • Bath is preferable in the case of washing bulk items, such as blankets or curtains.
  • If your family has a middle-aged man, he was a hot tub often be contraindicated, so you can replace the bath dushkabinkoy.
  • But families with children or pets is preferable bath.However, a deep pan in the shower is able to correct the situation.
  • Installation bath simpler when compared with a modern multi-function shower.
  • The bathroom is convenient to relax the muscles, and during showering, most muscles are under tension.
  • Hygienic soul more, as all impurities from the body once washed down the drain.
  • purchasing shower stall, you will not be able to enjoy an aromatherapy or take mud baths.This advantage is the ability to use the cockpit of a contrast shower.
  • Already in the first month after the replacement bath shower users note that the cost of water greatly reduced.
  • risk of flooding neighbors say more at bath owners as shower closes tightly.
  • At the same owners often complain about the cabins more complex care.The device has to be washed after each shower to prevent the formation of plaque.
Rectangular white freestanding bath with floor mixer
Gidroboksom oval bowl with a bath instead of a pallet
Shower for a small bathroom