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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath with rose petals .The benefits , contraindications , recipes , how to make

Bath with rose petals
  • Features and benefits
  • Contraindications
  • Necessary ingredients
  • Recipes
  • How to take
  • Useful tips

Rose - a wonderful flower.It pleases us with its beauty, but can also generous to share her with us.Pink petals often serve as a basis for various cosmetic products, for example, rose water and rose oil.But to benefit from roses can also be very simple and at home, if you add the petals of these flowers in the bath.Bath with roses enhance the mood, improve skin appearance, you get moral satisfaction from such a pleasant cosmetic procedures.Besides, this is a classic romantic option for sharing with your loved swimming.

Bath with roses - couple

Features and benefits

Useful oils and extracts of rose petals has long been known and used for production of caring agents - lotions, perfumes, medicines, creams and others.

Rose petals

extensive use of these colors in cosmetics due to such effects as:

  • acceleration of blood circulation in the skin;
  • help in getting rid of blackheads;
  • removal of fat from the surface of the skin and other substances;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • relieve fatigue.

extracts, as well as oil of roses have a toning effect on the skin and capillaries.

Infusion rose beneficial effect on any skin type, it does not contain toxins.

Bath with roses
Large bath with roses
Bath with rose petals


You can not take a pink bath if:

  • you feel sick or are pregnant;
  • at high pressure, elevated temperature;
  • for diseases and wounds on the skin;
  • in diseases of the genital organs.
Beautiful bath with roses

Necessary ingredients

Do not rush to get rid of the faded bouquet of roses, and carefully collect the petals, which are not yet completely faded.To prepare a bath, you can also use dried petals, but then to preserve the useful properties of tearing them to be fresh, and then carefully dried.

is best used for water petals greenhouse procedures and wild roses.Make sure that they were not treated with compounds detrimental to the skin.

Bath with rose petals
Bath with rose petals Foot
Bath with lots of rose petals

Fill the bath water is not too hot, put in it the ingredients according to the recipe, one of which will act as rose petals.

to roses, you can add:

  • Rose oil.It prevents the appearance of tightness and dryness of the skin after the procedure.
  • liters of milk to enhance the effect.
  • Other colors, such as rose, peony, jasmine.
Bath with milk and roses


Options Cooking bath with rose petals there are many, but the base can be called the following: glass petals to pour boiling water and tightly closed, leaving half an hour, then pour into a bath, which scored the water temperature comfortable for you.

Other recipes require more effort but are more efficient and long-lasting preservation of the results:

  1. bath with rose petals and oatmeal. Take 1 cup oatmeal / cereal and dry petals.Yet you need a glass of sea salt, which add the aroma oils of rose and lavender (each take 12 drops).Stir these components and placing in a small linen bag 2-3 tablespoons of the resulting mixture, lower the bag for ten minutes in enough hot water.Next, change the temperature of the water in the tub to make it comfortable for you, and then take about twenty minutes bath.At this point the bath a very strong anti-stress and relaxing effect.It also helps eliminate skin redness, making it more silky, and elastic.
  2. Cleopatra bath, which added pink petals. From this procedure, your skin will become silky, fragrant, velvety, bright and attractive.Pour half a glass of rose petals with hot water, pour the present petals in the bath, add honey (enough for a few spoonfuls) and milk (1 liter).You can also add the sea salt (450 grams), if your skin is not dry, and if there are no damages.Take this bath to twenty minutes.If you have added salt to the completion of the procedures for using a cream or lotion body.
  3. you can cook your own hands salt on the basis of rose petals bath. Take the petals from four to five roses and 200 grams of coarse salt, stir, pour into a jar and close tightly.Soak in a warm place for two weeks, all fragrances of the petals soaked salt.Add to the bath 4-6 tablespoons of the salt, the amount of pre-stirring it in a liter of water.
Cleopatra bath with milk and rose petals
Salt with roses
Bath with roses

How to take

lie in a bath with rose petals is recommended for 10-20 minutes.Listen to your own body - he will tell you when the procedure should be completed.

Bath with rose petals


  1. Turn on soft music, close your eyes and imagine that you are in an expensive luxurious spa.Think about what you're healthy and beautiful - this kind of therapy will only increase the use of pink bath.
  2. Periodically stroking the skin during the procedure, using a sponge or a special glove.The effort when stroking your pick - hard or soft.
  3. After the procedure should not be haste - slowly stand up, rinse under the shower, wrapped in a soft towel or bathrobe and relax in bed (if you want to sleep, do not resist).
Dad - bath with roses
Bath with rose petals
Procedures in the bath with roses

Useful tips

petals can be used both fresh and dried.In the second case less raw material is required.

To dry rose petals, you can use the microwave - put them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, setting a lower temperature.Check petals - if they have not dried, all actions must be repeated.

Bath with dry rose petals

also can be dried petals between two towels, only to put on top of something heavy, performing the function of the press (jar filled with water or a book).

Dried rose petals

follow these tips to maximize the efficiency of the procedure and to obtain from it the full satisfaction:

  • Take a bath with rose petals no more than once a week.
  • Try to during the procedure you are not distracted by any noise or stimulus (for example, should disable the phone).If you just ate before taking a bath you need to wait a bit, but is not recommended for the procedure in the fasted state.
  • You can create your own recipes by adding in a bath with aromatic oils roses.However, do not exceed the number of drops of oil (optimally - to 10 drops), and if you want to soak in a bath with roses for a long time, add 3 drops of aroma lamp or use.
  • For more aesthetic pleasure leave some petals to decorate the surface of the water, light the candles and dim the lights.But the invitation to bathe the beloved only magnify the effectiveness of such baths.
Bath with roses
Beautiful bath with roses
Bath with rose petals
Beautiful bath with roses
Bath and roses
Bath with rose petals and champagne