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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to fix the bath : mount acrylic , cast iron and steel bath to the wall

How to fix a bath?
  • Types fixing
  • Principles
  • mount Preparing depending on the type of bath
    • Cast iron
    • Acrylic
    • Steel
  • Stages
  • Tips

Overhaul inbathroom involves a large scope of work.As a general rule, use a bath.A characteristic feature of such plumbing are large and decent weight, especially cast-iron bathtub.Therefore it is very important to secure it to it under the influence of the mass of water and not to move.For this purpose we observe certain rules.

How to fix a bath?

Types fixing

If you place a bath prepared, purchased all fastening materials, it is possible to start the process itself. today provides the following types of fixing bath:

mounting foam. can use it safely and quickly fix the bath to the floor and wall.First aligned level and the required height of the device is its connection to the water supply and sanitation.Then it is set so that the gap maintained by the wall of approximately 1 cm. The water bath is typed for greater stability, and are filled with foam gaps between the article and the legs, walls, floors.It should be borne in mind that the foam expands more, you need to use it within reasonable limits.Although it is completely dry only during the day, to finish the bath can be as early as 6 hours.

Fixing the bath with foam

brick frame. Usually, a bath set on a brick frame when complete no legs.But sometimes a frame and legs can be combined to increase the stability of the product.Brick frame can be laid across or along the pool.Laying across involves the installation of the product directly on the bricks.On the wall is fixed with steel corners dowels, which also put bath.They play the role of an additional product support.When laying along the tub and put on the brick sides.But instead of corners, its wall can be fixed with foam.

bath can be with all the parties to impose a brickwork, which is then oblitsevat tiles.Thus it is necessary to calculate the height of the masonry that was not necessary to further cut the tiles.The top bricks have to be cut in half, as they simply do not side by vlezut baths entirely.When laying is better to leave a small hole through which you can view and adjust if necessary siphon.For it can fix the small plastic door.

Fixing baths using brick frame
Brick frame for fixing baths
Fixing bath brick frame

metal frame. If the weight of the bath is small, it can be installed on a special metal frame.It can be packaged with the primary product, or purchased separately.Frame attached to the bathroom screws at the designated locations, the legs are mounted.Additional stability bathroom attached to the mounting bars along the wall.When their installation is necessary to leave a gap of about 2-4 mm, because the bathroom with a little water settles.

Fixing bath metal frame

tie-in niche. If the bathroom is too small and you need to save space, is an excellent option bath installation is inset into a niche.Although this type of installation, and the most complex, but it provides the most reliable and fixed plumbing.For this it is necessary to make the wall or walls of the grooves perforator.They inserted the bead bath and reinforced with foam if necessary.

Fixing baths tie- in niche

Principles mounting

to bath remained securely attached for many years, you must adhere to the following principles:

  1. Although cast iron bath is quite sturdy and durable, it has a very large mass, which determines the complexity of theits installation.Therefore, it is necessary to fix it on a solid surface.
  2. steel bath is often mounted on a brick frame that provides rigidity of its mounting.To the water during the filling did not publish the strong noise, the opposite surface of the bath can be treated with putty.As an alternative framework - metal legs, but they may eventually lose its stability.
  3. acrylic baths are inexpensive and have excellent appearance, but they are not the most durable.Safe implementation of such products available on the stable frame made of metal.
The principle of fixing baths

Preparation depending on the type

baths Very important is the preparation of surfaces and the entire room to install the bath:

Cast iron

most important when securing any type of bath - a measurement of sizeto the room free entrance bath.This refers to the length, breadth and height of the bath, its sides and base.Clean all the old plumbing, drains cleaned. Since the weight of a bath up to 100 kg and more durable surface to be prepared for it.Ideal - is covered by a thick concrete screed floors. But if the screed is not the strongest, then you can put legs under the steel plate width of about 5 cm and a thickness of -. 0.5 cm If the bathroom in the apartment, the floor provides reliable waterproofing.

Wall covering is available in two versions.They can oblitsevat completely, and then install the bath, oblitsevat or only the top of the walls, to the surface of the product.The last option allows you to almost completely make lack the gap between the product and the wall.In this case, after the tile is laid fixing bath.

Attaching the iron bath
Installation and mounting of cast iron bath


These baths can not be called the most durable products.Their surface may sag under small effort.Therefore, experts recommend to ensure a sufficient number of supports.The most appropriate procedure - is a metal frame with legs.Since the weight of the bath is relatively small, it does not need a thick stratum of concrete screed.Tiles can be done before and after the installation of the product.

Fixing acrylic baths
Securing acrylic baths


Before installing a steel bath should be thoroughly repaired all the walls in the floor, because water can accumulate in them. surface is treated with special waterproofing compounds. as finishing is better to use ceramic tiles, since it strong and not afraid of water.

Fixing steel bath


process of fixing bath depends on the material from which it is made, where it is planned occupancy along the wall or in the middle of the room. Standard mounting process of the plumbing to the wall as follows:

  1. first thing connected overflow siphon.For this bath is turned on its side in order to facilitate the work.
  2. bolts or screws are fixed legs, bath sets on the floor so that it was possible to connect the drain pipe.
  3. product getting on against a wall or walls.
  4. Under legs put the small metal plate to the product was slightly tilted towards the drain.
  5. Finally, adjust the height and position of the bath, the gap between the wall are sealed with foam or grout.
  6. close the space under the bathroom can be masonry, which increases the rigidity of its mounting, or special plastic shields.
The sequence of work fixing bath into place
Stages fixing bath
Fixing bath as a permanent


If you do not want to hire a professional to install the bath, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  1. To install the hot tub requires a power outlet.It must necessarily be a ground and lid to protect against water.
  2. To ensure the quality of water draining from the bowl of the product, it is advisable to use a corrugated hose.It can be easily bent or stretched, it is quite durable and inexpensive.
  3. Flavor bath should not only depending on the material, but also the interior the entire premises.You can use the thematic ceramic tile or plastic panels.
Tips for installing a bath

Thus, fixing bath depends on many criteria, including the type of installation and material.But in any case, it is possible to securely and on their own in the presence of minimal skills with tools.