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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the inverter air conditioner - working principle, advantages and tips on choosing

inverter ( 1 ) Taking into account the changes undergone by the climate of the planet, it is quite logical growing demand for household appliances for cooling indoor air.The range of such models is enormous, the criteria for their selection, there are different, but the practice shows that most buyers are guided by the value of the air conditioner, as delve into the various technical details of its functioning someone is not willing, in principle, as someone they are simply incomprehensible.

Those who want to not only increase the level of comfort in your home, but also significantly save on electricity and maintenance of the machine, this article, we are sure, will interest.

known that the best way to evaluate a particular product in comparison with analogues.This is how you can identify both advantages and some "cons" of a particular model.To become more apparent features air conditioning inverter type, it is necessary to dwell on the general principle of operation of such products.Do not "downloading" the reader's specific terminology, we indicate only understood by all algorithm.

In simplified form, it can be represented in this form:

inclusion - temperature measurement in the room - a comparison of its values ​​with user-defined - "the elimination of" the difference (the compressor).

In principle, everything is simple.When the readings become equal, the sensor gives a command to stop the compressor, which is fulfilled electronically.If the temperature difference exceeds a certain value (dependent on the technical solutions and, generally, is a couple of degrees), the compressor starts operating again.And so - cycle by cycle (on / off).But there is also a number of "cons", experts note that this method of cooling.


frequent alternation on and off a negative impact on the reliability of any technical device, as though accompanied by brief but heavy-duty.Primarily, it refers to the starting current.In this operation mode, experts recommend the use of air conditioning is not more than 8 hours a day (total time), as the compressor needs to "rest."

  1. invert - lanes According to statistics, it is the start or stop times up to 90% of all emerging technology malfunctions.Consequently, the devices operating in this mode are in the "risk zone" (in terms of the rapid breakdown).
  2. In conventional air conditioners for cooling air compressor operates at the highest possible capacity, as its task - as soon as possible to eliminate the difference between the actual and the expected temperature.This leads to its increased wear and reduce the period of maintenance-free operation.
  3. «constructive» split-system tuning to rapid cooling leads to the fact that when you turn on, going to the limit mode, it creates drafts.Someone on this aspect is not paying attention, but on the common understanding of the use of comfort is a little similar.
  4. noise level of a small, but there are many people who have such devices just in the way.

And now the most interesting.And what is better (or worse) inverter type air conditioners?It should be noted at once that, as compared with conventional models they are - "a step forward".To become more apparent all their advantages, we give the algorithm of the inverter models.

Started similar:

inclusion - comparing the temperature values ​​- compressor start - the maximum mode to eliminate the difference.

But on an entirely different principle.If the conventional instrument is turned off the compressor to a new inclusion in the models of inverter will continue to run, but in the "soft" power saving mode for yourself, keeping the temperature in the room with a sensor, which, in fact, controls its operation.

Inverter - 2

Features of inverter air conditioners

  1. Reduced energy consumption, reducing the load on the compressor, since it operates at reduced capacity.Its value may vary between 5 - 90%.If the door to the room (for example, administrative buildings) constantly open / closed, then it's a bit more.As for the operation of air conditioners in homes, the compressor runs virtually at minimum load.
  2. We pointed out that the periodic "rest" is required for the conventional models.Products same inverter are designed for continuous operation, that is, they can "drive" at least around the clock without turning off.At the same time power consumption will be negligible.For people poorly tolerate the heat, such air conditioners are especially attractive.
  3. noise level - minimum, so air conditioning is not necessary to eliminate the temperature difference, time it is maintained at a certain level.For the bedroom or children's - what you need.
  4. As a consequence - reducing the probability of failure due to constant load changes, periodic on / off cycles and increase device reliability.

Summarizing, we can say that the inverter air conditioner - not just a device to cool the air, but a real climate control system.



  • Insistence to quality energy source.Given the state of our power grids, you must also acquire and voltage stabilizer.
  • For convenience, you have to pay.Naturally, the price of inverter models is significantly higher than conventional air conditioners.On average, 1.3 - 1.4 times.But this lack is relative, since the cost of such "inverters" (easiest) starts at 16,500 rubles.In these times - not so much.

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  • For those who love to create for yourself the ultimate in comfort, to date inverter model - the best option.
  • If only task is to periodically lowering the temperature in the rooms, and more fairly cheap, conventional devices.

It is worth noting that the class "inverters" - quite numerous.These products are characterized by various parameters, such as temperature range, the noise level.Therefore, before purchasing such a device should be familiar with the criteria of its assessment on the feasibility of a particular purpose.