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August 12, 2017 18:07

Metal garage with their own hands - a quick solution to protect the car

laying the foundation

Installation of metal garages begins, as well as the construction of any other building, with a basement unit.Such a structure is quite easy, so you can make a strip foundation with a slight indentation of 15-20 centimeters.Also, for these purposes, you can apply a few concrete slabs, which will act as the floor and at the same time.

Dimensions future garage will be a determining factor for the breakdown on the spot.The dimensions depend on the dimensions of the car, and for passenger cars optimum dimensions are: length - 5.5 m, width - 3.3 m, height - 2.35 m, door sizes - 3h1.95 meters.Markup section is cleared of vegetation and ideally removed the top layer of soil.Along the perimeter of the width and depth of the bayonet spade breaks the trench.On its bottom is filled with sand or gravel and well compacted.

Make sure the foundation is not acting, but still better, if the garage will be slightly raised.To this end formwork made of cap that you want to align horizontally.If the base does not act, it will still need to level on the plane.

Note! In every corner of the foundation should be set metal studs protruding by 15 centimeters.

Metal garage with his own hands - frame assembly

framework must be strong, rigid and resistant.The material is usually used a large sectional area.Bond all elements better by welding, but may not be used and wrench-bolt connection.Drawings of metal garages easy to find, therefore, selecting the best option, it is possible to start assembly.Installation is made directly at the installation site.

First mounted lower frame, which must be attached to the speakers in the corners of pins.Further mounted corner posts, top they are held together with ceiling joists.If the garage is planned lean-to, the front corner posts are set to 40 centimeters above the rear.In the construction of a gable roof trusses are put.

along the side and rear walls of the vertical walls are mounted, which are necessary for ensuring the rigidity and the whole structure will crate for further plating.Between uprights shall be such a distance that it is of shell plates, or less than 5 centimeters when overlapped sheets are stacked.Crate is made or metal or wood.

Note!For wooden crates used section bars 4x5, 5x5 or 6x5 centimeters.

Sheathing and floor laying

As a material for the cladding can be used steel sheets or corrugated board.metal thickness should be at least 1.2 millimeters.Sheathing is attached by welding, screws or wrench-bolted to the crate.Roof can use the same material as the wall.Mounting starts from the lower sheets and gradually rises.Overlap the sheets must be at least 15 centimeters.On the front side mounted rack for two gates.

The easiest way to make the floor is on the floor bedding.It is perfectly suited for unheated buildings with low levels of groundwater.It is done in the following way:

  • poured sand on the basis of a thickness of 5 cm;
  • Top fray gravel thickness of 10 centimeters;
  • surfaces thoroughly attain to the level and compacted;
  • Next pavement is the foundation, and cracks smeared cement.

Important!slope of the floor is 2 centimeters per meter length of the side gate. Gates may be hinged, sectional, sliding or roller.In order to not appear on the walls of the condensate can be insulated garage.At this all the questions about how to make a metal garage, uncovered, and you can start its construction.