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August 12, 2017 18:08

The foundation for the house of aerated concrete - a reliable support with their hands

foundation under the house of aerated concrete -

advantages and disadvantages desire to make the foundation for the house of aerated concrete is an excellent and long-lasting solution.Besides, he is not fussy to the base site, and it can be used on all types of soil, with the exception of non-cohesive.Strong base withstand any soil movement and changes in the soil.

Another undoubted positive point - the profitability fendamenta.Not only for economic but also for the time parameters.The use of concrete blocks significantly reduces the time spent on the construction of the cap, which undoubtedly reduces the entire build process.In addition, when using the data block does not require a base of global warming.

only disadvantage of such a foundation - a hygroscopic material: the stagnation of water, he sure will absorb moisture.Therefore, it is important to carefully carry out the waterproofing of all blocks.

solid foundation for the house of aerated concrete - especially laying

preparatory work, as well as the very nature of laying aerated concrete base varies depending on the selected base.Let us examine them in detail.

monolithic reinforced concrete foundation is not fussy to the soil, reduces to a minimum value of the load during the deformation.With this type of aerated concrete is used high-strength reinforced rigid pins with a diameter of about 1.5 centimeters, are stacked in two layers.Made plate must be identical with the values ​​of building area.According to the thickness of the plate should not be less than 40 centimeters.When laying of the slab should be underground within the soil freezing.

themselves thin plate placed on a concrete foundation, covered with two layers of waterproofing.Then the plates are filled with concrete mortar.Around installed and firmly fixed formwork.The next layer - this fits in a single step for reinforced slabs (or in a few styling without reinforcement) concrete up to 15 centimeters.

tape and columnar solid foundation

Laying monolithic strip foundation simple and accessible, even a layperson.Figuratively speaking, the stove is a huge monolithic concrete frame, stacked around the perimeter of the building.

When erecting this structure does not need to fill in the concrete and do not need to dig a deep pit - just half a meter trench.At the bottom of the poured layer of sand and erected formwork.It is established and fittings.Now, the trench is filled with concrete.After its complete solidification of the formwork is removed.

Stolbchaty solid foundation is laid to a level significantly greater than the depth of frost penetration zone, and is based on vertical columns, made of concrete, stone or brick, and at the corners of the building and in areas of high stress.

area between the pillars is filled with gravel or coarse-sand and then filled with concrete mix.Less columnar monolithic foundation - the inability to install it on soft or uneven ground surface and contraindications when installing a prospective cap or garage.

Of course, there are the general conditions for work on pouring the foundation of the house.Firstly, it is impossible to carry out all the work in the cold season.This will complicate the process and reduce the quality of the result.Second, be sure to follow the recommended foundation waterproofing.