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August 12, 2017 18:08

As Stroebe concrete wall at home

Shtroblenie concrete walls - what does it do?

Shtroblenie walls - a process that is aimed at breaching the cavities and channels for the installation of electrical wiring, installation of sockets and so on.To carry out this process requires the ability to use some tools.Shtroblenie can do Wall Chasers, puncher or grinder.This process is not only quite complicated, but produces a large amount of dust, so this should be done in the early stages of repair.If shtroblenie still need to perform when the repair is already made, it is helpful to use a special construction vacuum cleaner, which will collect dust.

Before starting work, be sure to read the plan space, to determine which walls are load-bearing.Deciding to begin shtroblenie, remember that there are cases where it is forbidden to do.This applies to wall joints, floors, walls, which are associated with stairs and elevator unit.Unauthorized shtroblenie can cause structural damage to the building and lead to its partial destruction.

Note!If you can not violate the integrity of the walls, the wiring can be placed in special plastic boxes.

As Stroebe concrete wall puncher?

Shtroblenie concrete walls can be done in several ways.For one of the methods will need: punch, drill for concrete, shovel, goggles and respirator.This method can be used to breach the small grooves for the cable.Procedure:

  • Grooves are mainly made horizontally or vertically, so the first thing is done in pencil markings;
  • The punch is inserted into the drill with the same diameter as the diameter of the groove should be.The tool is included in the impact and drilling mode;
  • on marked line is a plurality of holes;
  • Further changes to the drill blade and hammer goes into shock mode, and connect all the holes;
  • Then drill holes for fasteners.

Note!Fasteners are different, depending on what is to be mounted.So, for the electric cable used plastic fasteners under 6-8 mm drill.

As proshtrobit concrete wall grinder

deciding how proshtrobit concrete wall, it is possible to choose another option.A set of tools required is the same as in the first method, but in addition also used perforator Bulgarian.If the tool has the ability to connect a building cleaner, you can use it.Operation is as follows:

  1. Implemented markings on the wall;
  2. On grinders mounted disk for concrete cutting, and made two slits.Stroebe depth will depend on the diameter of the disc;
  3. Next hammer and shovel knocked concrete between cuts;
  4. Running mount.

Species fixture on today's construction market is more than enough, so the problems with their choice will not be.The fastening system shall be calculated based on the fact that the need to mount and weight.For drilling holes they need to use a special drill for concrete.Holes with a small diameter can be done independently, but for larger diameters, will likely have access to specialists with a special tool.

Note!The concrete has a steel framework, which can interfere with making large holes.Without special equipment to cut them does not work, so if you do not have these tools, you will have to ask for help.