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August 12, 2017 18:08

The device septic tank of concrete rings

Planning septic sewage systems

Planning septic sewage systems

Let us consider a few specific actions that can be used to build a life in the septic tank of concrete:

  1. applied purification scheme gutter on the ground plan.
  2. plan must be drawn up with a list of materials that will be needed later in the installation of concrete rings.
  3. Privoz all materials on the site.
  4. Prepare all operate the equipment.
  5. According to the plan, it is necessary to hold all the ground work.
  6. mounting installation of all necessary components.
  7. necessary to generate warmth and waterproofing with a concrete septic tank.

Planning septic sewage systems

At the beginning of installation, you must understand the principles of the plant.Most often settler consists of 2-3 wells, which must have a connection to an overflow pipe.How should waste water flow when there is a septic tank device of concrete rings, for example:

  • The first vessel is flagged dirty water, in which the process of decomposition of the gravitational fractionation.Then the water enters the second container when the first pit proceeds biodegradable process of all organic components, whereby, all the bad and harmful chemical activity decrease.Next
  • capacity, then there is a second, completely similar to the first tank.
  • third well is unlike his first two permeable bottom.Through this, the bottom of all discharges of untreated absorbed into the ground.

Planning septic systems, water treatment

Before you will start workhouses installation work, pay attention to the preparatory work, such as:
Disposition of the septic systems of water purification

  1. is necessary to maintain a certain distance from your subject, to the sump, whichIt must be at least 5 meters.A well with clean water at a distance of 30 meters.

    With all assembly work and training, it is advisable not to forget about leaving space for the arrival sewage truck, since they produce a clean installation of your wells.If you do not want to redo everything twice, you need to remember about this moment.

  2. Most importantly, for the initial stages in the procurement of materials-acquisition structures of reinforced concrete.It can be absolutely calm and hold the calculation to find out how many rings need.Buy low view of the wells can be flooded down, but they are very heavy to move.The upper part can easily be replaced by structures of panel types.
  3. You can use materials such as:
    • plastic pipes.
    • tees.
    • for ventilation systems operate with asbestos pipes.
    • Mortars.
    • Bituminous Materials.
    • Tools required.

To septic tank device of concrete rings worked well, it is necessary to carry out technology installation work:

  1. First excavated pit.His joints should be covered by insulation, it needs to dig a pit width with a small margin.
  2. Installation works to be executed as:
    • establishment of a horizontal plate in the excavated pit.
    • on the stove is installed the first ring, which is made of concrete.
    • Next comes setting the rest of the Rings, which gidroizoliruyutsya.
    • The last ring must be made two holes.You can use the hammer.
    • Drain necessarily need to cover like a hatch or a material that can be raised when maintenance.

    important to remember that concrete rings in any case should not roll when moving on the ground, they need only to carry and carefully put on the ground.It is also desirable to all procedures related to obmazyvaniem gidroizolnymi means or hot bitumen carried out on the surface, which would be the ground water is not mingled with the drain.

  3. The same setting is a third well, if it is included in the project.
  4. Designing third well is absolutely, like the first two, but with their small differences.The first - is that the ring is located at the bottom of the well has to make a hole for a good shutter drain.Second - this is what the inside has to be covered with gravel or expanded clay, a surface baffle stones.And finally it is that circular ring should be in the form of filling expanded clay or gravel, for better filtering.
  5. Connecting pipe with a slope of the drainage system to the sump.
  6. Make a waterproofing layer, you can use the thermal insulation in cold climates.
  7. ventilation establishment.It should include ottochnuyu and the inflow pipe.Ottochnaya pipe must have its location above the second, for better traction.

Disposition of the septic systems of water purification
Disposition of the septic systems of water purification