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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to enter into a contract with the management company ?

What is the management company?

and what is a contract entered into with the HOA management entities?

Housing Code requires each apartment building to sign the management agreement with the Criminal Code.Of the Criminal Code in this case is nothing but Des, only with a different name, but the same extent of monopoly.Employees management companies simply changed the name of their previous work, and the same plumbing, inspectors and chiefs remained in their places.Just how to make all of the same unscrupulous employees to do their job and the necessary services for which you, by the way, is now paying the money out of your pocket?

approve all rights and obligations, responsibilities, and a list of all the works will contract with the management company.

How to enter into a contract with the management company ?

is extremely important for all owners of apartments in high-rise building at the general meeting to select the control method, create a text of the agreement on the management of the home, which in time management company is required to sign every landlord.

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, such agreements are binding on all homes.It determines the obligations of citizens, the observance of which will be regulated by the court.Based on this critically important that every apartment owner knew what signs and why he does it, what are the terms of the contract.

provides a sample contract to manage the apartment building.Running under Article 162 of the RF LC.

How to enter into a contract with the management company ?

contract with the management company to manage the apartment building in 2013 must include:

  • Composition of the house property;
  • number robot running the CC service home;
  • Price - the amount of payment for the repair and maintenance of housing;
  • information about the responsibilities of each party in the court;
  • procedure and monitor the implementation of each of the obligations of the management company;
  • Reporting management committee for the implementation of the agreement;
  • Not necessarily, but the assets entered on those.passport, not to be after that it is not.
  • Submitted a list of works and services needed to carry out repairs.
  • It is also important, whether spelled out in the contract a list of all work performed is in addition to the Criminal Code of the contract, and if it is not, in fact, the Criminal Code is not required to comply with them.

How to enter into a contract with the management company ?

The most important item in the contract - the price!

According to the price tenants are required to pay for services of the Criminal Code.The new Housing Code of the Russian Federation stated that all utilities prices are set by local governments.And for the contents of the house and repair housing prices are determined at a general meeting of tenants and the Criminal Code Commission.This means that the price and can be changed if it is written in the contract as a percentage.

is also recommended to make a contract in place to establish a personal account at home, in which to store the funds for the maintenance and repair.It is necessary to note, that in the meeting to choose the person who will control the flow of funds.

Treaty home control with the organization also requires the recording about the responsibility of the Customer, where homeowners prescribed Contractor's responsibility.This is the reverse process, which is regulated by both sides.

When it comes to cleanliness, the company implementing not often reluctant to report where the spent funds and to what extent, but if you register the item in the contract with the management company, the service company is committed to providing the report, the money spent by the routine whichwish Association.

Each company entering into an agreement with you, is not responsible for the tricks of the previous one, but more often in the CC list of mandatory work includes:

  • service in the event of an accident;
  • garbage disposal;
  • repair of elevators and their maintenance, etc.etc.

How to enter into a contract with the management company ?

interesting example of an agreement with the management company is on site management company "Rusich".It is not ideal, but as a case study can be