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August 12, 2017 18:08

Several ways to join pipes

Mounting and docking sewage plastic pipes.

In principle, the pipeline can be installed in various ways.This may be a welded joint or socket connection.Also frequently used threaded connection (it all depends on the circumstances and the environment, which produces assembly).Several ways to join pipes

With regard to construction materials, among them are the following:

  • alloys;
  • metal;
  • polymeric compounds.

Thus, the polymer to the dock are:

  • polyvinyl chloride;
  • polypropylene.

Under the metallic material, understand the pipeline made of cast iron or steel.Several ways to join pipes

In this article we will talk about the PP-B and PVC-type sewer networks.Today, for them, there are only three installation technology: welding, into the socket and threaded sleeve.Naturally, each of these technologies differ from each other, each of them have specific equipment, manipulation, and communication coupling.Therefore, we consider the installation of each compound separately.

Technology "welding".

Lately, experts have started using diffusion welding for construction materials made of polypropylene.The technology used for cold welding of PVC pipes.

Initially, consider the situation with polypropylene piping.

Before proceeding to the docking of such pipes, cut the end of the pipe and perform sounding its placement in the sleeve.These two operations are very important, because in the future, it is from them will depend on the quality of the installation.

Now, take a special soldering iron.It is necessary to heat the sleeve and the pipe.To do this, put these products on the nozzle and heat the unit up to 260 C. Several ways to join pipes

When the operation is finished, remove the heated part with the guide tube is pressed into the box, where you set the marked depth.Once the seams have cooled to about room temperature, the dock can be considered a success, and ready to use.

Now, let's talk about the pipeline installation of PVC.

work is very similar to the previous.You also need to trim the end and do the immersion depth soundings.Then, you need to put on the outside of the pipe and the inside of the coupling adhesive recommended for such work.At the very end, a tube is inserted into the sleeve on the marked depth and a little scroll.After treatment, the seam adhesive, a few hours may be operated dock finished.

technology "into the bell."

As already mentioned for different mounting, a different course of action.To dock it into the socket next.

You need to take the socket and place it in the opposite direction, with respect to the flow, direction, and then fix the first product on the support surface.Now, take into the hands of the O-ring and insert it into the socket of the host pipe.After that, keep the smooth end of the second pipe.Apply the usual elements of a soap solution.This will make the installation process easier.Once the connections are complete, secure the second pipe on the support surface and start all over again.

Do not forget that the installation is only possible in the construction of non-pressure networks.Several ways to join pipes

Technology "on the sleeve."

If the piping diameter is less than 63mm., Then feel free to use the connection pipe on the clutch.It is convenient and practical, especially when mounting pallet taps, sinks, etc.

For starters, take over the dismantling of the fastening element, and then connect plastic pipes with threaded sleeve.After that, take the O-ring and lock nut, put them on the tube and insert it in the sleeve socket.In the end, screw the lock nut on the threaded end of the coupling.All - dock is ready for operation.

briefly worth mentioning about the welded joint of the steel pipeline.To do this, you do not need any fittings, couplings and tees.It is necessary to have available electric or gas welding to carry out the welding seam, which will connect the communication.When a sewer pipe large diameter, its junction with the use of the welding machine.But if the conduit has a diameter ranging from 50 to 150 mm.(I.e., it is small), it is possible to make by hand.