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August 12, 2017 18:08

Welding of polypropylene pipes

soldering process

main condition for high quality welding - a pair of parts made of plastic, having a chemical composition.Only when this condition is met, the details will be able to warm up to the same temperature and flow thanks to identical plastic weld get quality.Therefore, choosing a plastic pipe, it is important to pay to mark all details, but not color.The color does not determine the quality, it is only the presence of the pigment, which does not affect the polymer properties.Welding of polypropylene pipes

welding polypropylene pipes can be butt and socket.For welding of polypropylene pipes should first clean up the pieces of pipes from contamination.Especially must carefully remove fat, oil, because it can be dangerous.For purification used an alcohol, acetone or other solvents.Rags should not be fibrous.

If the surface of the pipes there are traces of destruction by ultraviolet light or air, they are cleaned mechanically.The soldering is carried out using a special soldering iron to weld polypropylene pipes.Moreover, when welding it is necessary to bear in mind that it is impossible to cool the weld seam sharply.The quenching can weaken the seam.In that case the brazing occurs at low temperatures, the resulting compound of cloth or insulated thermal insulator to prevent drastic cooling.

To start soldering temperature required for welding is equal to 260 ° C, and in order to achieve this indicator soldering capacity is not important if the mandrel and the sleeve will come in contact with a heating plate over the entire area.Power soldering iron is responsible for the time during which the desired temperature range is reached.Welding time will depend on the work piece dimensions.Warming of parts must be carried out for a time which is recommended in the regulations.Pipe diameter 16mm and 20mm should warming 5 sec, 25 mm - 7 sec, 32 mm - 8 sec, 40 mm - 12 seconds, 110mm - 50 seconds.If exceed regulatory heating time, melts and plastic parts can be deformed, and if the heating is insufficient, the solder will be weak and further leakage may occur.Welding of polypropylene pipes

welding process itself is not complicated.First, cut off perpendicular to the axis of the required amount.If we are dealing with inside a reinforced tube, then you first need to clean the top layer, and then remove the shaver foil.

welding machine, already prepared and brought to the desired temperature, and at the same time warm up the pipe and fitting.Once they're warmed up, we insert it in the fitting and presses to the longitudinal axis.When the fused parts can not change their position.Welding of polypropylene pipes

Apparatus for welding of plastic pipes

So, to make the connection parts need the following tools:

  1. welding machine to 1500W of power, which can be powered by 220 V.
  2. Nozzles Teflon coating.
  3. Soldering iron stand.
  4. holder pipe.Welding of polypropylene pipes

device for welding polypropylene pipes (soldering iron) consists of a heating head, which is attached removable nozzle.The nozzle consists of a sleeve and mandrel.Dorn - items warm-up internal fitting surface of joints - is the external surface of the pipes.The heater has a largely triangular plate shape, so it is called iron pipes for welding polypropylene.Given the size of the plate, pick the size of attachments as large diameter welded pipes several other welding equipment.

How much does buy welding machine soldering or order service

price for welders is quite high from 20 000 rubles to 100 000 rubles.If you do not plan to do this kind of activity the main, it is possible to think about renting a welding machine.For example, depending on the nozzle, there is a range in the soldering rental prices Welding of polypropylene pipes