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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sewer pipe for sewage : the appointment and installation rules

Assignment for the outlet of the riser

Installing the sewer sewerage - the perfect way to solve this problem.This is what we will discuss in this article.

By current standards in the construction of low-rise buildings are allowed to install the sewer drainage system, without communications.But sometimes the sewer installation of sewage is still required in such houses.This is necessary in case of simultaneous use of the bath and toilet bowl during flushing large amounts of water at a time, i.e. when the volume of a single discharge section completely covers sewage riser.

toilet installation occurs on the pipe section of 110 mm and a diameter equal to the drain tank 70 mm.Combination bath sewage is 50 mm in cross section.That is, only when draining the bath or just toilet diameter sewer communications are not completely overlapped.Sanitary devices and household appliances (eg washing machine drain) create small amounts of a single flow.Therefore, if the house is a separate toilet and bathroom, fans sewer pipe can be installed at the discretion of the owner.

Appointment for the outlet of the riser

sewer pipe required in the following cases:

  1. When the house has more than two residential levels (floors), and each of them has a bathroom and toilet;
  2. When the house is set the swimming pool or equipment that can pull a large one-time amount of runoff;
  3. If the sewer riser section 50 mm or less;If
  4. close to home septic tank installed.

Appointment for the outlet of the riser

Wiring sewage install

Requirements During installation sewer pipe with their own hands, should observe the following principles:

  1. Cross-section of the sewer communication shall be equal to the cross section of the riser on which it is installed;
  2. Start sewage plant need warm, and finish in the cold zone;
  3. the terminal portion of the riser should be placed in an area where sewage odors easily be carried away by the flow of air.

sewer pipe is made of the same sewer pipe section is essentially a continuation of its continuation.

device for the outlet of the riser prevents unpleasant odors due to the drying out of water in small siphons plumbing fixtures, if a long time to operate.

way out of this situation by means of sewage pipes following:

  • warm air that rises through the riser, creating a slight vacuum;
  • in the bathroom smells do not penetrate, and displayed through the siphon out.

How to bring the vent pipe on the roof

necessary to have a high-quality ventilation for efficient operation of sewage.

following principles must be followed for proper installation of the sewer Communications:

  1. few risers can connect a sewer pipe;
  2. fans sewer combined sewer with a riser of the same diameter, more often it is 110 mm;
  3. Show risers equipped with a sewer pipe, together with the furnace chimney or ventilation, is prohibited.
  4. fans riser should go no closer than 4 meters to the balcony or windows.


vertical riser in any case is only displayed on the roof at the optimum height (about 0.5 m).If the cement is exploited in various ways riser output limit increases to 3 m. In this case does not need any additional suction device.

fans sewer is laid in the prepared channel in the ventilation system.There are times when the sewer pipe is displayed horizontally across the wall, but so as not to spoil the appearance of the house.

return valve on the sewer pipe

fans communications supplied non-return valve.The principle of its work consists in the fact that after the discharge valve cover is opened, letting flow, and then closes without missing anything back.

The check valve on the sewer pipe

fans valves prevent the penetration of rodents in the communication area drains back to the sanitary units, penetration of impurities.

Valve installation can be made both for the outlet of the riser inside and outside.Before installing the inner tube should be cleaned and degreased.The check valve is mounted on the oncoming traffic flow.Petals it should be folded in the direction of sanitary units.

The check valve on the sewer pipe

Installation for the outlet valve is held on dry surfaces, without any lubricant.