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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to cook a pipe electric welding , if previously not done

electro welded fittings of metal and how to brew pipe electric welding

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electro welded fittings - is the connecting element between the two parts of the blanks.There are two formats: threaded and weld.The ends of the threaded fitting are threaded and are performed inside and outside the tube.Also fitting has a chamfer, which facilitates the execution of the weld.

Most of these instruments very clearly attached to the backbone by means of two joints: lap and butt.When the first option - the pipe joint and the inner space of the fitting so that the second diameter was smaller than the first, and after the connection they match.


And the second - matches the pipe and fitting flush with the ends.The outer diameter is the same items as the outer diameter of the pipe.

Although the fundamental importance of these two types of interface do not have, so that the seam was reliable and quality necessary to use argon arc welding.

Electrically phytin polyethylene.

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This material allows to increase border with electrofusion components.Naturally polyethylene fittings used for polyethylene water pipes, which are made at low pressure.

HDPE fittings are mounted on pipes, as mentioned previously butt and overlap, while polyethylene is very advantageous to use a function thermoplasticity.Mating elements held in a special holder.Heats the coupling and the tube, then it is heated by entered into the fitting.

noteworthy that both welding process based on a chemical action - breaking the molecular chains of polymers at a temperature of 170 degrees C and the formation of new, but in the process of hardening plastic.

clutch and elektrofiting or how to cook a pipe electric welding

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Modern electric technologies have reached a level that is now easily possible to dispense with the cumbersome, difficult to use and outdated equipment.

elektrofitinga difference from the manual: electric heater and an internal replacement soldering iron.The process of welding is overlapped with the insertion tube into the sleeve.A technology

same elements that readily soften, the outer layer coated tube and its fitting is melted, and after the temperature drops, new polymer chain created.The result is guaranteed - quality welding of polyethylene pipes, which can be safely used for home use, assembly and industrial pipeline, and more.

These fittings are characterized by the following advantages:

  1. They welded pipes with a diameter of 2 cm to 40 cm
  2. Connection established within and is able to withstand high pressure performance..
  3. It is inert to all chemical agents, and thus safe even for water.
  4. welding strength to withstand all the pressure surges.
  5. Fittings have a considerable range of diameters.It can even be used in large chemical plants.
  6. For installation of fittings you can use transformer.

How to cook a pipe electric welding: the process

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  1. Preparation: welder, the workpiece, the connecting element, the transformer in full readiness and integrity.
  2. Pipe at a right angle undercut.
  3. With workpiece edge chamfer, for precision cutting.
  4. tube is passed into the fitting and fix the place where previously noted.
  5. degrease parts.
  6. elapses.By connecting the welding transformer in the power supply, form the welded joint.
  7. welding machine is switched off and switched on the warm-up mode for 30 minutes.It is important not to move any compound or holder!After turn off and wait for complete cooling.
  8. device is ready for use and further connection!