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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a fireplace for a good heating and decorative purposes ?

Which fireplace you choose?

Before you ask the question - how to make a choice the fireplace, let's deal with the fact that it represents.Its design includes: furnaces, chimneys and trim.The furnace ends the sweeping and gradually passes into the chimney.The furnace of a type can be closed and open.That it is a fire.Lining is made of metal, wood and decorative stones.

to clearly answer the question - what kind of furnace, fireplace to choose, it is important to know exactly for what purpose you need it?If the main purpose of it for heating, it is possible to choose the furnace of closed type furnace (stove), since it has a high efficiency and allows you to safely light a fire.If you intend to use it for decorative purposes, the open furnace (brick oven) will be suitable.

To date, the most popular three types: brick fireplace, stove and gas fireplace.The price of each of them depends on the size, type of cladding material, design, and finishing features.

We describe in detail the most first two, since gas fireplaces rather comparable to heating appliances fueled by gas and have the kind of fire.

brick fireplace

This oven is usually built with the house.Its design and directly dependent on the volume of the space area.Typically the height and width have an aspect ratio of 2: 3.The depth should be appropriate, too, as too little will lead to smoke, and greatly reduce heat dissipation.The optimal ratio is 1: 2 or 2: 3 between the depth and height of the portal.

flue hole should be 8-15 times smaller than the firebox.It is also worth knowing that it is necessary to provide for a separate foundation and brickwork done on a particular technology for him.Therefore, if you are not willing to undertake it yourself, trust business professionals.By the way, for laying brick it is necessary to choose the refractory!Check the quality is quite simple: pale brick produces a hollow sound when rapping, burnt through - covered with a glassy film.

addition to the refractory function, this material is also a decorative function.You can choose to store pink, honey, brown, beige, yellow.stacking method is also diverse - horizontal stripes, herringbone, or free composition.Remind about the masters and they are sure to offer something to choose from.Plus, choose the appropriate accessories to the fire in the form of hours and a wooden shelf, you make it a unique design.

Features: has an open furnace, for which it is important to continuously monitor (do not leave it unattended for more than 2 hours).Well suited for short-term use (several hours), or for ornamental purposes.


After traditional stoves have become popular and easy small stove (or oven-cassette) .In Russia, these devices have come from Europe.They are made of cast iron or steel, the furnace of brick, lined top finishing tiles.There is a door to the furnace with a special heat-resistant glass.Used as fuel wood briquettes or wood.It is strictly forbidden the use of coal.

If you are wondering - how to choose the stove to give?That answer can there be one - you need to know the area of ​​your home and determine the proper power.It is important to consult a specialist.Efficiency in each well will be different (average 85%).The duration of continuous burning with a good load of firewood is from 7 to 12 hours.

Choice stoves can be stopped in the following companies: Admiral, Bjorvik, Fjord, Koza, Polar, Viking and others.They are quite elegant and stylish and therefore easily fit into any decor.It should also be aware that the stove as the data can be integrated into the building and free-standing.If you expect the first type, then its construction is necessary to take care in advance, at the stage of design and construction.

Features: has a closed furnace, so there is no need to constantly monitor the fireplace.Quickly warms, just 15-20 minutes (the room itself is also rapidly heated).It used mostly for direct heating.