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August 12, 2017 18:08

Smoke protection - escape route in case of fire

What is the smoke-preventing system?

In practice, the factors affecting the effectiveness of smoke, very much.It:

  • chemical reactions of burning material with atmospheric oxygen;
  • turbulent mixing of different temperatures of air flows;
  • diffusion and heat transfer.

Such ventilation is created only where there is no natural ventilation.It is a system which can be activated with the remote rendered outside the ventilated room.Smoke protection of buildings and structures governed by SNIP, all the materials and structures must be fire-resistant, calculation channels and corridors carried out by special formulas.

This protection performs the following tasks:

  • limits the spread of volatile combustion products;
  • removes smoke and gases;
  • isolates the fire place.

In large commercial or residential buildings for each particular zone is arranged dymopriёmnoe device, a channel or a mine with installed valve.Channel or shaft end with a reservoir for the drawn out of the air space, this area is not an area of ​​over 1600 m2, enclosed non-combustible curtains.

During the construction and operation of the building system is in working order, according to the rules it needs to be checked regularly.In the event of fire, the valve automatically opens, smoke comes out of the room, and people have the time for salvation.

Types smoke protection

smoke protection systems are with natural and artificial inducement.In systems with a natural impulse valves, hatches and lights open automatically, manually or with the help of winches.At the opening of the valve is formed exhaust air flow, which removes the products of combustion.In systems with artificial inducement gases are removed from the floor corridors through special mines using forced ventilation.It is often used microprocessor controllers.

most important point in the device of these systems is to create a complete seal the premises.All utilities, staircases, floors, and other possible sources of leakage should be planned in such a way that when the contaminated air system went only through the channels without smoke leaks.

Thorough sealing and sealing all the cracks allows to block the flow of oxygen to the source of fire and smoke removal promotes natural attenuation fire.

special attention to the quality of these systems pay in buildings that have a high danger of explosion category, as well as warehouses and storage facilities.Functioning smoke protection during fire saves many lives that could break off due to toxic shock or poisoning by combustion products.

What you should know to develop the protection system at home?

smoke ventilation can be arranged even in your own home, as a rule, it is done in those areas where there are no windows.It can be used as a conventional hood for ventilation.To hatch the device you need to know the floor area.The cross section of the hatch is 0.2% of the area.On the outer side of the hatch installed valve, and on the inside - the fan smoke.The valve after installation must operate flawlessly.

All of the smoke fan made of metal, hot air or smoke can not disable them.They are axial and radial, the choice depends on the characteristics of the premises.Included is a fan with remote control, remote from the ventilated room.