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August 12, 2017 18:07

Open fireplace - old traditions in a modern way

Fireplace - on the agenda the issue of security

has long been referred to as part of the fireplace firebox where combustion exposed wood.She is one of the most important structural elements of this structure that determines many important moments, such as the choice of materials for its devices.Clearly, what distinguishes an open furnace every possible absence from the front of the shield, grilles or doors for the fireplace.Thus, we return to its traditional notion of when the fireplace is used for heating homes, cooking and water heating.

Today fireplace serves only element of the interior and is designed to satisfy the aesthetic needs.

Speaking about the absence of any protective elements of the fire in the design of such facilities, it is worth considering the security issue.Fire - source of increased danger, as even knows the students, so leave without monitoring open fireplace, which burn wood, at least, unwise.

Perhaps then it is not worth to equip it in your house?Of course, this is everyone's business, it is no secret that you can choose the type of fireplace closed in specialized stores, which is much safer.However, competent approach to the device by the fireplace with an open furnace will significantly reduce the risk of fire.

accessories and furniture items made of wood should be placed at least 90 cm away from the fire!

Experts advise to lay non-combustible coating 50-60 cm around the fireplace.You can use ceramic, stone, plain sheet of copper or brass.However, those who have ever burned a fire, know that a particular danger is posed by flying sparks and small pieces of coal.Secure in such cases itself and surrounding objects, in principle, not so difficult - enough to buy special screens or screens made of heat-resistant glass.

How has a fireplace with an open combustion chamber?

construction of this type can be arranged near one of the walls in the corner of the room or even in the center.However, when choosing a place worth considering that location determines the location of the fireplace chimney.Even the possibility of decorating and romance live fire can not always reconcile the owner of the house that in the middle, for example, a cozy living room to the ceiling will reach the chimney.

Moreover, open fire is to use for finishing stone fireplace, brick or granite.We know that it's pretty heavy materials, so the placement of interior elements necessary to soberly assess the stiffness of the house floors and their strength. particular importance is the location of the fire in relation to the windows and doorways, which are the main sources of fresh air in the room.

If you fear for the safety of their homes, their security and the harmony of the interior, consult with a specialist.Handle in this case it is not even a designer and an architect, who will take into consideration the design features of your home.If you are able to consider the location of the fireplace still in the process of designing a residential building, it will save a lot of problems and issues.

fireplace with an open furnace - the advantages and disadvantages

Before you buy a fireplace with an open furnace, it is necessary not only to consider the security measures, but also carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" of such a purchase.So, pay attention to the merits:

  • Getting aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the fire.
  • home heating by radiant heat, which is more beneficial effect on the human body, rather than convection.
  • open firebox fits perfectly into the fireplace portals, it looks more traditional.
  • heat output from the combustion of wood in an open furnace takes place fairly quickly.
  • If you wish to "live" fire can cook food using, for example, pots or grill grilled.

advantages of such facilities attract and fascinate.Assuming the possibility of purchase, you already imagine how regale its guests luxurious dinner, literally cooked on a fire.Here you and romance with a pleasant smell of smoke, and delicious food, and admiring glances guests.But do not forget about the shortcomings of the fireplace:

  • It can not be used as an independent source of heat, because its efficiency is extremely small - only 10-15%.
  • accumulation of heat is not possible, it is formed only when burning firewood.
  • requires strict adherence to safety measures.
  • When burning wood "consumed" a large amount of oxygen in the room so its a constant flow should be organized.This can lead to deterioration of climate in the building and condensation.

Thus, fireplace with an open combustion chamber - is a wonderful element of the interior, giving plenty of opportunities to make it original and attractive.He will warm not only your body, soul and mind much.Watching the play of the flames, you forget about all the problems and tiredness.