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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wooden doors with their hands - we measure , cut , sticking

What tree should be chosen for the manufacture of doors?

suitable for manufacturing wood both deciduous and coniferous, with a selection of her most determined purpose door and financial capabilities owner.Oak doors are durable and respectable, beech has a distinct wood texture, elegant and durable door of ash.

course, such noble tree species are expensive, so they are used more often not for a set of interior doors, and for the input, the front door, which is on everyone's mind.This appointment contributes to reliability, simplicity and rich look of oak, beech and ash.But for interior options can take wood and simpler.

most widespread we got coniferous wood, especially pine.With a relatively low price conifers have sufficient strength and durability, high gummosity is good protection from fungal diseases and rot.Of coniferous wood doors are very good for the garden and interior openings.

Wooden doors with their hands - how to make the blank?

about how to make a wooden door, we'll talk later.We need a hacksaw, ruler or meter, a screwdriver and a chisel, a well-sharpened knife and a hammer, and sandpaper.Of the stocks of materials sheet of chipboard without chipping and scratches, blow dried two-edged boards 25 mm thick and 200 mm wide, self-tapping screws and carpenter's glue.

First of all, based on the internal dimensions and the type of the door frame, set the dimensions of the door leaf and fit the gaps, as well as determine the lower lumen.From a sheet of chipboard on the specified size Scrollsaw two measured web, paying special attention to the strict observance of the right angles.

from boards cut off two pieces along the length of fabric and three across its width.Stretches should be sanded with rough sandpaper.On the prepared flat surface (it could be the laid floor newspapers) laid the door leaf with the smooth side down.

On it are two long boards on the edges and on them perpendicular to the top, bottom and middle - three short segments.The result should be a strict rectangle with no protruding edges, with an average cross should be placed a few centimeters above or below the expected location of the lock and the door handle.

pencil or marker to note the relative position of the boards, as well as their presence on fiberboard, after which the board can be removed.

How to make the final product according to the rules?

Perhaps the most crucial moment in this whole procedure is cutting gashes to connect boards.Therefore, we choose the easiest way - direct method covers washed down with a depth of half the thickness of the board.

After performing this procedure, piled in the middle of the board and rectangle cross member must be in the same plane.The work requires attention and will be more reliable if initially washed down to make a lesser depth, and to the necessary condition arri knife or chisel.

Downsides two long planks lubricates joiner's glue, they also draw out and marked them on fiberboard place.Boards should be laid on the place and carefully align the edges of the door leaf.All gashes covered with a layer of glue and decompose short board in its place, the pre-treating them with the same adhesive.

again check the accuracy of angles and screws tightly fasten 25 mm short pieces of boards to length.In the same order on the resulting semi-finished product laid the second web hardboard smooth side out.For more reliable curing glue put on top of the cargo, which two days will be removed and the door made to decorate as desired.

Before you install a wooden door, it should be cut place under lock and key.It should be noted that the doors in a wooden house, which expects shrinkage installed in the door frame with grooves for the free vertical travel of shrinkage, and that should be considered in manufacturing.