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August 12, 2017 18:07

Terracotta tiles - create a durable coating with your hands

terracotta tiles: characteristics

Ceramic tiles "terracotta┬╗ widely used as a decoration for walls, and floor.Also it is used for the cladding of heat-resistant bases (tile baths, stoves, fireplaces).All this became possible thanks to the fact that this material is made at t +1000 degrees Celsius and can withstand very high temperatures.Made from colored clay tiles porous structure that gives it certain properties.

  • Firstly, is an environmentally friendly material , completely harmless to the environment and humans.It does not contain any chemicals.
  • Secondly, as gypsum tiles, has natural shade , which is obtained by firing.The color palette contains both dark brown and orange hues.As part of no pigments.
  • Thirdly, has a high level of durability.It can be operated at least 50 years.A flexural strength of 16 MPa.
  • Fourth, it is frost-proof tiles , which is used even in the most severe climatic conditions.Withstands about 100 cycles (freeze-thaw).
  • Fifth, has a relatively low price .And if we take into account its high quality, the investments are very profitable.

General advice when facing tiles "terracotta┬╗

Before you will be laying the material, it is important to perform a number of preparatory measures.First of all, they include the cleaning of the surface of the old coating (paint, tiles), dust and dirt.Also, on the basis of bitumen should not be fat and traces that remain usually for repair.The coating must be completely dry and smooth.To align uses a special mixture of plaster or priming compositions.

Before applying the recommended open several boxes of material.This is due to the fact that natural tile hue may vary slightly between batches.And for even distribution over the surface color is important to alternately take the floor tile of the boxes (from the first one, then the second, then from the third), in such a way will create "unity paints".If

will be faced with areas exposed to heat (around chimneys, stoves, wall), the substrate must dry completely after the previous masonry.It is better if the fireplace was an active heating (for at least 6 hours).Also on these areas to apply tiles with special heat-resistant adhesives and mastics (you can use mastic Terracotta , for example).It is not recommended the use of cement mixtures.

attention. work should be done only when the air temperature above zero!

tiling technology

Until such time as the tiles "terracotta" will be applied, you need to prepare a number of tools and materials.These include: trowel for applying mastic or adhesive mounting gun for filling joints and seams, notched trowel, tape measure, level, "grouting" drill brush.In general, all of the work on laying may take about two to three days (for example, in the kitchen).

All trims the space is divided into equal portions (each should be about 5 rows of tiles, plus added 1 cm per joint).Clay is also beginning to be applied only on a small area (approximately 0,5m2).Use with a notched trowel, which diluted the composition of semi-circular movements.Further glued tiles downward (to then easily could be removed from the front side adhesive).

After installation is complete, proceed to fill the joints with a pistol.In this case, a mixture consisting of 1 part sand, 1 part cement and water (added to achieve its viscous state).Then fill the joints and embroider, using for this special structure.Kapron brush removes excess material from the surface of the tiles (clean it).