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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dedusting concrete floor - how to improve the impact resistance ?

Topping concrete - what is it?

Special reinforcing mixture which is added to the upper layers of the concrete floor, to increase its resistance to abrasion and impact resistance, called for concrete topping.These compounds are different, depending on the room type, or rather, the loads that have to withstand the upper layer.The basis is cement, but the fillers are different:

  • quartz;
  • corundum;
  • metal.

Quartz fillers are used for intermediate level of exploitation, class corundum additives will help the concrete to move heavy loads, but metal fillers reinforcing industrial floors, topping in this case is to change the surface so that critical loads were not for herfatal.

concrete floors with topping - what benefits do we get?

main objective is the topping hardening the surface layer with respect to impact and abrasion.With it, he handles great, really concrete lasts longer and acquires cracked, chipped and pitted at the slightest negligence.

Further worth noting

wear resistance of concrete floors, both in terms of mechanical and chemical in .Branded strength of the upper layer is usually 5 times higher than the base coat, so it is inert to the chemical agents and dusts practically throughout life.

easy to guess that when added to the topping floors creates insulating layer, as well as any surface layer, it is possible to give a definite structure that assigns more and decorative function.

only thing that is undesirable in the operation of the topping, this strong corrosive acids and bases, or rather, their abundant spill indoor reinforcing components while the mixture may begin to react and the floor will destruction active than without additives.

In all other cases, topping only improves the operational quality of the concrete, so this method is widely used for industrial areas with high traffic of people and large vehicles, such as in warehouses, parking lots, shops.

dedusting concrete floor - technology

stacking stacking technology has no special nuances and intuitive.Concrete floor topping must be integrated, so you can guess that it is necessary to lay them at the same time until the concrete has not yet frozen.Total topping layer is supposed to be about 1 cm, do it several times.

first step onto the surface of poured concrete leveled 2/3 topping and made floating.Making its costs from edges to the center premises.The dry mixture of cement absorbs moisture completely wet the addition is not desirable.All you poured, should form a uniform layer.

Once you see that the surface is soaked with moisture and become approximately the same thickness, pour out the remaining dry mixture and also it is spread, so it is well soaked with moisture from the concrete.All this is necessary to have time so that the water from the main cement layer does not evaporate, and it would be enough for all the topping.

last stage - burnishing.Special equipment with knives smoothers allow condense the resulting top layer and make it virtually pore-free.Following his advice even cover kyuringom and well-dried, pre-closing film, the surface does not catch dirt and dust.