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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laying linoleum on the concrete floor - how to get the desired result without any errors and losses ?

laying linoleum on the concrete floor - prepare the "soil»

Undoubtedly, in an effort to get quality coverage, it must be ensured that the installation of linoleum on concrete floors is carried out in strict compliance with technology and taking into account some of the nuances about which later.Thus, the qualitative ground floor - a guarantee of durability of linoleum and its aesthetic appearance.The presence of any defects on the surface of the base may lead to deformation and rupture of the coating.To do this, carefully leveled concrete screed, eliminating hollows, chips, lumps.If the screed is old, the special leveling mortar can be used for its alignment.

In this case, the floor repair and alignment procedure can be successfully combined.Firstly, it does not take a lot of time, and secondly, such work can be carried out without the presence of the professional skills and expertise.To do this, stock up on the following instruments:

  • trowels trowel;
  • trowel;
  • building level.

Advice from specialists: cement-sand mixture to tie the device, you must first test the strength and crack resistance.

should make the layout and bring the level of the floor before applying the solution.However, at this stage, many problems faced with, as a starting point to determine a horizontal surface difficult.For this we can focus on two walls located opposite each other.So, along one wall at a distance of 1 cm from the floor level of the building with the help of a straight line is a line.The second wall is carried out the same line and the same distance.Between them get a flat surface.

to best suit tie this plane is necessary to divide the floor area into sectors.Typically, the width of each sector does not exceed 50 cm. This is independent of the room or area of ​​a selected length, it can vary.For ease of installation of concrete ties are perfect routine smoothly planed slats.They not only connect a line on opposite walls, but also delimit the floor section, which creates a certain comfort when working with him.

In the preparation of the solution for the concrete screed must be ensured that it was quite thick. When applying it on the surface of the floor guided by the symbols on the walls and stacked wooden slats.Paul poured sectors.After the first portion of the device is recommended to wait about 30 minutes, followed by smoothing the dried solution.For this purpose, use a putty knife and a clean, dry cement.You can then continue to work.

Finished screed has a high degree of strength and "loses" only reinforced concrete structures.

After drying concrete screed it is absolutely necessary to check the degree of horizontality by using a spirit level.In addition, cleaning of the surface is carried out: eliminating concrete dust and other debris.Avoids cracks and voids.

How to carry out laying linoleum on the concrete?

After preparing a durable and smooth base, you can proceed directly to the laying of linoleum.However, even here there are some nuances that play an important role.The first step is to decide on the type to be placed linoleum.The most common single-layer coating obtained having a fabric or a felt base.

Mounted selected coating to the surface of the screed by a rubber-mastic.For this type of work will have to be reserved by special soft spatula with teeth, which is ideal for the application of adhesive, cutter docking linoleum seams.And scissors will be needed with different blades, rough and heavy roller to smooth the laid material.

Usually glue linoleum rolled into a roll inside out.The process of laying begin from the wall by rolling the roll in front of him.We should not forget about applying mastic, both on the floor surface, and the coating itself.After placement of each sheet of linoleum it is necessary to smooth roller to eliminate air bubbles.Otherwise, after a while your floor simply "bulges to" and lose all possible appeal.

Do not forget!The cloth is laid against a wall, leave neprokleennym.

laying linoleum on the concrete floor - practical advice

would seem, laying linoleum on the concrete - it is quite easy and not very time-consuming process, but you can get is not the same result without taking into account some important nuances, which had been countedinitially.Thus, when laying flooring on a pre-arranged and leveled concrete floor you must remember the following:

  1. important as accurately as possible to calculate the amount of the solution for the screed, as he prepares for a time, and refilling required it amounts to an already diluted composition does not seem right.
  2. necessary to take all precautions when working with mortar and building tools.Protect your lungs by means of concrete dust respirator (at the lining surface of the floor).
  3. avoid deformation of the concrete screed is completely dry before it, the emergence of discontinuities and other defects on the surface of linoleum, it is recommended to use soft shoes with flat soles.
  4. If the adhesive compound reaches the surface of the flooring, it must be resolved by gasoline or turpentine.To do this, you can make a small wad of bandages and cotton wool, or use the normal clean cloth.It all depends on the material scope of contamination.
  5. Additionally, after the smooth laid a heavy coating roller can be pressed sheets of linoleum any cargo, which also eliminates the unsightly appearance later air bubbles.

Thus, it is necessary to make a bit of effort, patience, time, and the result of your work will be perfectly smooth, beautiful and durable flooring of linoleum on the concrete screed.