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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose linoleum and do not get confused when buying ?

Why do you need to know how to choose the linoleum?

Previously, it was always assumed that the linoleum is chosen by those who run away from difficulties.After all, for them almost do not need to care, to lay it simple.Also, this cover was the cheapest and not always presentable, so he dubbed low-end flooring.But today things have changed and manufacturers have successfully demolish these stereotypes, and competition has led to what is now a successful selection procedures still need to prepare before going to the store.

Linoleum can now even simulate the floorboard, the figure is so successful that many visitors believe you that this is not a tree, but after check it by touch.Behind it all is also easy to care for, he is not afraid of moisture, has good insulating properties, has high wear resistance.But all of these parameters vary as colors, so it is important to choose a cover for their operation conditions, because it is impossible, for example, lay a thin linoleum on the wooden plank floor, it is not only did not decorate, but also emphasize all the disadvantages.

Select linoleum - where to start?

Here you are in the store, the first thing I want to draw attention to, and it is natural, it is a drawing.After all, you are trying to maintain some kind of concept of the interior.But once you have chosen an approximate range of colors, start with the examination of documents.Yes, first we look at it harmlessness .If the coating will be in a residential apartment, then this is probably the most important quality.Look on the label of a special character, usually a leaf, but depends on the test laboratory, but it is better to strive to find a recognized international mark.If you do not find a label, ask the seller hygiene certificate.

Then define class linoleum , which we need.How to choose linoleum for your room, ask for special numbers, which are only two.They are written side by side, as one, but actually carry a lot of information.The first digit refers to the room, and the second - the load intensity.Class can be found in the product catalog, you always this will help the consultant in the store.So, the first digit will be the following: 2 - living room, 3 - office, 4 - production.The second figure shows that can withstand the linoleum: 1 - low load, 2 - medium, 3 and 4 - high and very high.grades 22-23 will be in demand in the apartment, and where there is a large cross-country, you can even lay 21.

following important to know wear .This parameter coverage is divided into domestic, light commercial, semi-commercial and commercial.The main difference will be the upper layer (transparent), which is applied on top of the figure: the thicker it is, the longer the linoleum.On the eye is not defined, necessary documents, the class is usually listed there.

How to choose linoleum - what else to pay attention?

Many people wonder what width linoleum need for space, for a known problem - shrinkage over time.But today there is practically no such inconvenience, thanks to new technologies, so Mark up boldly exact width.

thickness linoleum is also important, especially if you have a concrete floor initially and then cold.The thick coating can be laid on the rough wooden floor, he will hide surface imperfections.Since linoleum consists of several layers, to achieve the effect of underfloor is necessary to pay attention to the lower layer.This is the basis for it is generally used PVC foam, and what it is thicker, the warmer will be the floor, as well as better sound insulation.The density of this foundation is responsible for the resistance to deformation, to the fallen heavy object or pin does not leave traces on the floor.

density determined manually compressing two different pieces of linoleum or by weight (the heavier, denser than that).

Observe possible and on the additional properties of the upper layer .Some models can be top coated with varnish or even anti-bacterial layer that decorates simplifies care for coating and provides additional protection for children, if any in the house.

Select linoleum - a couple tips for last

  • Buy linoleum only in stores, where you can ask for documents and evaluate the product at room temperature, natural and in expanded form.
  • When laying need to cut linoleum, come with the required measurements in the shop and cut it, you get smoother and faster.
  • Before you buy, expand your roll, check for the presence of surface defects.
  • linoleum is better to take one piece, if it does not work, then compare the party, and it can turn a different shade.
  • Do not bend the blade, do not attach anything to it, pack your best rolls, and the front part of the mouth, and when transporting roll of bandage, not a seal.