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August 12, 2017 18:07

Parquet or laminate - a long battle for the consumer

main difference parquet and laminate

First, pay attention to what is typical for each of the materials.Total in laminate and wood flooring is that they are multi-layer coatings.This is perhaps the only thing that unites them.All the rest - it's a solid difference from laminate wood flooring, which is that the laminate - is a fully synthetic material.

It consists of a layer of water-resistant paper, hardboard layer, a decorative layer, and more.Parquet board consists of several layers, but they are all made of wood, top board is covered with a special layer to protect the wood from external factors.And now, to determine which is better, or laminate flooring, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

compare and laminate floorboard

to evaluate all the same, it is better for the house, consider a confrontation vs laminate flooring a little closer.Laminate - a very unpretentious material.It does not need varnish, scrape and polish.It has many colors and varied textures set.Exposure to the sun and other factors, as well as frequent walking on it will not lead to the fact that the color disappears.

In addition, it is not prone to scratches and easy to clean.For wiping floors of this coating can be used as detergents and solvents.Also low cost makes it attractive.

The disadvantage is that it is not natural, when walking on his heels, he strongly knocks, and his life of about 5 years, although the imported materials can be longer.Before you lay laminate flooring must be leveled, which leads to additional costs forces, finance and time.

advantage of the floorboard that the locking system has a more robust, so no need to make special arrangements as to equalize the sexes.The service life of such a board is two to three times longer than that of the laminate.The perpendicular arrangement of layers in the floorboard provides maximum resistance to fracture the coating even under heavy braking.Of course, this environmentally friendly floor is worthy of special attention.

Lack floorboard in the fact that from time to time it is necessary to cover the new layer of varnish and scrape.Although it lasts longer, it takes longer for care.Its price is higher than that of the laminate.We see that each material has its advantages and disadvantages.Now that you understand the difference between a laminate of wood flooring.

third competitor among floorings - an array

deciding what to choose: parquet board or laminate, it is necessary to remember that these materials are independent and have priority in certain circumstances.For example, for the bedroom, which sleeps a child, it is better to use parquet and laminate is not as excessive knocks can interfere with the child to sleep.

In other rooms, where they often go, such as the entrance hall, it would be better to lay laminate.His service is cheaper and easier than parquet.Also, the laminate can be beneficial where the housing is removed for rent.It is easy to lay, remove and re-lay the new location.

There is another cover - array.Now let's compare that better flooring or array?The greatest difference in these materials is their size.Wooden array larger in size and thickness than the parquet.And it is well suited for homes with high load on the floor or wherever you need to keep the floors as long as possible.

But parquet superior array for decoration.Also, the array is not suitable for an apartment, where the ceiling height of the already small.Now you have a choice.Want to get the simplicity of installation and maintenance?Then your choice - laminate.Environmental friendliness and beauty?Buy floorboard.Special reliability and durability?You will enjoy an array of on the counter.