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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ruberoid RCP - 350 - interpretation of the brand building material

To understand what marks of roofing material?

To prevent leakage of moisture on the rafters or lathing, roofing paper impregnated soft oil bitumens, but the cardboard to give more strength and, it further coated with refractory bitumen.

Reliable waterproofing allows for long preserve the wooden house construction from rotting and leaking.Also roofing material used for insulation of the basement and basement.Since its scope is versatile, he has several varieties.

Given that there are many different types of insulation material, how to determine which one to use in a particular job?Aid brand roofing are: they identify its direct purpose.

explains the markings: what is

name on the container roof waterproofing consists of three abbreviations and subsequent digits.The first letter "P" indicates the name of the product - roofing material.Subsequent letters - a "K", "P", "M" or "W".These cuts mean spreading the size: the "K" - coarse, "P" - dust-like, "M" and "W" - respectively, fine-grained and scaly.

third letter indicates a reduction in the scope of application, can be found lining roofing material and roofing.The corresponding letter - "P" and "K".And the figures used in the end determine roll density.For example, the RCM-350 acronym indicates it roofing roof for the top layers coated with coarse, having a density of 350 g / m2.

Types of roofing material and their differences

opposite RSC serves roofing underlayment .It can be used for all layers.It is used in both the upper and the lower layers of the roof.It can also be used to protect the foundation from the damaging effects of moisture from rain and melting snow after the winter.

With the growth of technology used in construction is not so long ago appeared self-adhesive roofing .Its advantage is that when you use it saves time, and the operation process is simplified.Adhesive properties of the self-adhesive roofing material activated by sunlight heat.

surfaced roofing material or evroruberoid differs from its congeners by the fact that it is based on a modified bitumen.This modification is applied to one or two sides.Thanks to this its properties in many respects exceed the traditionally claimed at the dawn of the emergence of this material.

This species has an elegant appearance.In addition, it is more durable, flexible and durable.This makes it attractive.Of course, its price is higher than that of the conventional roofing, however its use is not all to the same, only in roofing.

surfaced roofing material is also used for the upper and lower layers of the roof.Marking the RM, for example, roofing material RM-350, says that this type is used for the lower layers.Mark RK is applied to the upper layers of roofing.The advantage of this sort of material in the speed of a strong weld joint.

Available as roofing with crumbs .What purpose does it serve?Tiny gives it a beautiful look.But its more important function - to protect the coating from the aggression of sunlight, high temperature and rain fluctuations.Lining materials have posypku small, whereas the upper layer is used as the large spreading chips.

choosing a roofing material, it is necessary to pay attention not only on its brand, but also the quality.How to determine the level?It is, of course, be able to correctly decipher the markings, and then find the corresponding specifications in the regulations.So, identify indicators that must be met, for example, roofing material, RCP-350, GOST 10923-93 help in a few minutes.

If at the end of the marking is Standard, it is likely that the product really has passed quality control and corresponds to the state assessment for the roofing material.Also, when buying you need to carefully inspect it for any folds or tears.The presence of any of these defects may cause the roofing material that quickly become unusable.