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August 12, 2017 18:07

Strip foundation with his own hands - the video about the payment device and fill yourself.

Choose the most convenient method for the device strip foundation

There are two ways of laying the strip foundation:

  • assembly of bricks;
  • pouring concrete.

Strip foundation

Strip foundation

In the first case under the base load-bearing walls being built of bricks or w / w units, in the second - is used in-situ concrete, reinforced reinforcing mesh (Booth).Precast continuous footing can be made with your own hands rather quickly, as you can see by looking at the video on our website.But because of the presence in the construction of numerous connecting joints between the bricks such a framework is quite unstable in heaving soils and complex, and rarely come across someone with a lot of homogeneous soil.

Another problem - the creation of an ideal brick masonry in the basement.Laying strip foundation precast performed only integral elements (technology is strictly prohibited to use the broken bricks in masonry) and requires high skill of the mason.

But monolith, on the contrary, "woven" from some merit.Firstly, such a device is suitable for virtually any composition of the soil on the site.Second, in its structure no seam, which makes such strip foundation champion "longevity" (with proper insulation and ground strips otmostki - 150 s).Prefabricated foundations three times inferior to monolithic plinth for the duration of its life.

The third and most powerful argument - the price is cheap.Even the most expensive grade of concrete for strip foundation will cost an average of 35-40% cheaper than the team soles of bricks.By laying the speed it is, of course, gives way to "opponent", but in a combination of other useful features - the undisputed leader and is considered the most reliable "sole".

view of this excellent reputation, we now consider in detail step by step instructions on how to pour a strip foundation.But before proceeding to the description of the practical part of the workflow, you need to learn the nuances of the main monolithic design of the cap.

Building for centuries: calculation and scheme of strip foundation

main document describing what should be the device strip foundation - drawing.It provides for all future calculations of linear bases that are needed to properly distribute all loads in the system.

The scheme ( drawing) strip foundation

scheme (drawing) strip foundation

errors in terms of threatening the future of the global disaster for the constructed building and repairing underground portion of the cap, oh how not easy, and sometimes even impossible.So remember: if you want a strong and reliable strip foundation - calculation must be performed in accordance with all building regulations.Here are the main excerpts from them:

  • depth strip foundation determined only on the basis of geological exploration carried out on the site.The specialist will determine the composition of the soil, and the level of groundwater drops, will answer how to protect the base during seasonal "riots."For example, in heaving soils best option would be not flush strip foundation, and in the northern areas of emplacement depth varies on the level of soil freezing.
  • width can be calculated by a special formula: = footprint of the building w / the coefficient of soil resistance.All auxiliary data can be found in the reference book builder (e.g., weight of the individual parts of the building, the properties of the soil).
  • Driving belt foundation with reinforcement is selected based on the linear parameters found above all the tapes and the total load on them . For this purpose, a series of mathematical formulas, but to ease the task, enter all the data available in the program-rhyme on any construction site.So you quickly determine the diameter and density of the reinforcing grid.
  • Installation can not be performed in parts.No need to make longer breaks, thereby weakening the foundations of a monolithic structure docking seam.

separate discussion requires waterproofing strip foundation.It can be made both to the sole foundation, and after - it all depends on your specific conditions.In the first case in the excavated trenches under the pillow is made from a strip foundation of compacted sand and gravel, in which technology is used several layers of roofing material and liquid bitumen.Only after that you can start the construction of strip foundation.In the second case, waterproofing parts, in two stages: a well coated with ready-made soles and liquid bitumen waterproofing mastic purchase.

All these rules are true for both large and small construction projects.Whether it's on the fence of corrugated strip foundation or a two-story room on the same basis - in both cases the device strip foundation technology require precise and accurate calculations.

Installation strip foundation with his hands

On the Internet there are many original findings on the organization of work of the zero cycle.But the most significant step by step guide that really helps to build a strip foundation with his own hands - the technology described in SNIP.Chips chips and classical calculation certainly not let you down.

offer you a step by step instructions for the construction of strip foundation (process video attached):

  1. Earthworks. plot is leveled and cleaned from the top layer of soft ground (5-10 cm).Prepared according to tokenize the drawing (with a margin of width, depth and length of 20 cm).Then dig a trench, focusing on the strained rope, just repeating the "route" bands in the land.

    Partitioning for strip foundation

    markup for strip foundation

  2. Installation of drainage "substrate."On leveled bottom of the pit poured a layer of sand (10 cm) and carefully tamped it (with periodic watering).Then the parts are laid on top of the rubble (5 cm) and as well it is pushed into the sand "carpet" - a pillow under the strip foundation, made by technology will prevent further cracking due to temperature changes and sediment.
  3. Pouring start concrete layer.Over "cushion" pour starter layer of concrete (6-10 cm).He will stand for a kind of wire mesh.After his bottom pour carefully isolate (for example, bituminous roofing material or grease).
  4. Installing formwork.Her mounted on either side of the trench (in the calculation of the distance of 10 cm from the edge), and every 0.5-1 m insure backups.According to the technology, the best formwork for strip foundation is obtained from plywood.Although fit and simple wooden planks that need to dock with each other properly, to avoid the appearance of gaps between parts of the "fence".

    Formwork for strip foundation

    Formwork for strip foundation

  5. Insert reinforcing mesh. At the bottom of the frozen starting substrate is set in advance associated reinforcing bars.Blocks carefully spliced ‚Äč‚Äčtogether by means of resistance welding or a simple wire.
  6. pouring concrete.As the sole technology poured parts.First, the first 20-25 cm, then carefully punching the mixture a special "chopper" (as expels air bubbles and "pockets").Then the process is repeated.And so to achieve the desired level height concrete ribbons.
  7. Waterproofing strip foundation. Across the cap need to go first liquid bitumen, making sure that there are no gaps, and after its complete solidification - finished waterproofing mastic.

As is clear from the video and instructions, pour a strip foundation with his own hands is not so difficult, most importantly, follow the steps below and do it quickly and smoothly.After aligning the strips of the upper layer, the sole need to wrap a tarp and periodically watered.To continue the construction work is possible only after three weeks.