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August 12, 2017 18:07

Snow stop for the metal - improves the security of our buildings

Why snow stop so necessary?

In carrying out installation of the roof structural members are used to form a system of passive safety of the roof.This system includes various types of snow guard, a roof rail, various roof ladder, a variety of bridges and roofing stuff.

installation of these devices is crucial, it allows: to carry out routine cleaning of the roof needed repair pipes, gutters cleaned of dirt and debris, preventively inspect all places of contiguity, maintain the antenna, as well as ventilation outlets.

These devices are chosen to match the color of the roof and did not violate the stylistic and architectural ideas.Snow stop for the metal, installation of which will not lead to significant cash inflows and costs forces become effective element to your roof.

Through the use of various modern technologies, snow stop performed without visually visible seams and thus have enough aesthetic appearance.Make them out of galvanized steel, which is then covered with polyester.Furthermore, their possible creation of aluminum and copper.

specifications and a variety of designs

These tools have undeniable advantages :

  • they reduce the probability of vanishing mass of ice and snow from the roof of a building;
  • exclude damage standing near the building of the vehicles;
  • minimize the likelihood of damage to human health;
  • simplify access to maintenance and repair of the roof;
  • prevent possible damage to the snow mass drainage systems and building elements.

Snegostoppery are lattice, plate, tubular and point.The first three are usually mounted on the eaves of the roof, the latter view is set on its slopes.

most common and popular type are tubular snow stop.This design allows you to keep from falling even quite thick, packed snow layers.Usually, this kind of device was used for standing seam roofs.

For metallocherepichnoy roof most commonly used grid snow stop, which stop even a very thin layer of snow and ice.Such snegostoppery usually mounted on a special support clamp which eliminates the additional timber capable of heavier construction.

on the roof of shingles support of these elements are attached with screws to the roof battens.Many manufacturers of roofing materials originally produced special tiles with supports that are subsequently installed snow stop.

strength of the element depends upon the size and cross section of the support bracket, which secures the grille.

Installation Tips snow guard

Experts advise to take care of buying snegouporov for roofing in advance, even before the installation of the roofing.This allows their installation in places lay supporting board, thus further reinforcing the roof.

Also, when buying such a device is necessary to consult with artists, asthis element should come to the house and the roof.Typically, a standard set includes snegostoppera for metal fixtures, rubber gaskets, screws, and, in fact, the pipe itself with pressing.

When you put the snow stop for the metal, the installation is made near the eaves, but not necessarily in the place of the bearing wall abutment.Removal from the eaves is selected in each case separately, but only in fixed mounting area of ​​the bearing wall.

required number of fixtures is calculated taking into account the length of the roof, the roof slope, and based on the design of lathing.Typically, the distance between the adjacent fixtures varies from 0.5 to 1 m, or equal to the distance between adjacent rafters.

mounted by screws through the sheet metal to the crate.Holes for screws are sealed with rubber so: top mount - a rubber gasket, a lower attachment to the crate - two rubber pads.