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August 12, 2017 18:07

Slate Roofing - an old friend is better than two new ones

features slate, as the material for the roof

There are four main types of slate: natural, asbestos, metal and soft, but the most widely used is asbestos.Although some arrange a lot of noise about the toxicity of the main component of the material, it does not lose its popularity.

The advantages of slate can be attributed to low cost, durability, corrosion resistant, good electrical and sound insulation properties, fire resistance, ease of replacing the damaged sheets.The roof of slate almost not heated in the sun.Sheets rather fragile, but easily withstand the weight of a thick layer of snow.

The disadvantage is its relatively high weight.This greatly complicates its installation.Slate contains in its composition of asbestos, which is very harmful to humans.Over time, the canopy of the slate is covered with moss, but it is easy to remove the application of special primers.Because of its fragility requires careful transportation and installation.

Preparing for installation of roofing slate

To calculate the slate on the roof, you need to know the area of ​​the roof.To do this, the height of the ramps should be multiplied by their length.The resulting area is required to share in the area of ​​one sheet, add 10% margin - and this will be the necessary number of sheets.

Roofing slate roof has characteristics.When installing several sheets will need to be cut out, the required personal protective equipment, because asbestos particles in the dust, it is extremely harmful to humans.Line cutting is necessary to immediately treat a special acrylic paint.

cut piece, the length of which is less than 60 cm can not be laid at such length, they lose their strength.If you need a shorter list, the extra length extended overlapped overlapping.

for laying the roof will need simple tools: a hammer, a Bulgarian (if you have to cut the sheets), slate nails, measuring tape, nylon cord.Before you make the roof of slate, you must make sure that the crate beneath it packed correctly.

If the roof pitch is small, the crate is beating in increments of 45 cm, that is, the sheet will be based on the four bars, but if a large slope - through 70 cm, the sheet will be based on two bars.Slate is required to drill under the nails before installation.Hammer nails into a sheet is not recommended, it can go cracks and become unusable.

How not to spoil the roof during installation?

Installation is bottom-up and horizontal overlap should be downwind.First thing in the extreme ends of the rafters hammered a nail, between the tightly stretched nylon cord, which will set the direction.He will be laid the first sheet.

stacking order of this: first nailed three sheets in the bottom row, then two in the top row and one on the bottom.Horizontal overlaps are made on the value of the wave, the vertical must be at least 15 cm If the crate, which has a slate, a new and strong, the sheet is enough to fix two nails, if old forests -. At least four nails.

The farthest leaves also worth adding nails to avoid being swept away by a strong wind.All sheets, except the extreme, ridge and eaves, corners are cut diagonally, to avoid a four overlap.Construction of Slate roofs from happening exactly the same technology.

to avalanche came down from the roof is not right on the head, set snegozaderzhatelnye system.But snow stop for slate can not be set because the roof of this material has a rough surface, and with the roof avalanches will not go.Thus, we examined succinctly, how to beat them with slate roof, and that it needs.