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August 12, 2017 18:07

Facade tiles with metal fasteners for exterior

Face tile on the screws - what will be discussed?

The modern market of finishing materials direction is simply amazing for its variety.Now, in order to give your home an attractive appearance, simply select the material that is ideal in terms of price / quality.But, often, the problem lies precisely in choosing among the widest range of materials offered.

Someone stops his gaze on the siding, someone draws wet decorative plaster.But this decoration, which installation is dependent on the weather, and if the facade work is necessary to spend the winter, and at the same time get a durable and aesthetic coverage at an affordable price, then one way out - application facade tile on the metal bracket.

Facade tiles with fastening - a building material for the facades of buildings, simulates various types of stone and brickwork.Facing carried out on any surface: timber, concrete blocks, brick, frame structure, etc.This type of finishing is called "dry" cladding, becausemounting tile mortar is not used.

Facade tiles with fixing plates - principles

Each tile installation with galvanized steel plates attached to the preset crate with screws and screwdriver.Tear off the tile, recorded in such a way is very hard, it is necessary to make an effort of 200 kg.

On the other hand, this tile can be quickly unscrewed and just as quickly put in place.If for some reason installation of lathing is not possible to trim this material can be made on a solution to this metal plate are bent perpendicular to the plane of the tile and sink into the solution, which also provides additional communication and serves to increase the reliability of masonry.

Facade tiles with fastening on the screws does not require additional care and maintenance during operation.It does not fade in the sun, has a high fire resistance, is not affected by the formation of salt divorces and mold, does not require cleaning, washing and painting.

During installation of the lining possible implementation of additional insulation of the building.Manufacturers supply this material in its wide range of colors, more than 20 colors allows even to determine the most discriminating buyer.This fa├žade of your home will become an aesthetic appearance and sparkle with new bright colors.

Facade tiles with metal fasteners: finishing

In carrying out the lining of the tiles must be firmly customize each element to each other in order to prevent the ingress of moisture into the joints of the structure, and this is the only drawback of the "dry" installation method.

Facade tiles with metal fasteners installed only after the most careful leveling the building and installation of lathing.Crate itself is mounted vertically, the distance between the rails should not exceed 50 cm.

as guides used wooden beams 50x50 mm, pre-treated with antiseptic or galvanized profile (27h60 mm).On perimeter of the building, at the bottom, you need to install the metal area that will serve to align the first row of tiles.Mount area must be strictly in the horizontal plane using level.

Begin to mount the first tile on the left side on the metal corner and fasten it with two screws, screwdriver twisted .All subsequent tiles are got left for the previous capping tiles and mounted on screw.The whole structure is going to tile to tile, and each subsequent closing of the previous fixing.

When mounting angles, as well as door and window openings, using special corner elements, produced by manufacturers for each type of material.Trimming material takes place by means of a circular saw with a diamond wheel.To maintain uniformity of the pattern of seams, the material is recommended to trim the right-hand side.

If you have to cut off the mounting plate, then using a drill hole drilled in the tile, and it is attached to the screw within the hole in the mounting process.After that, a hole in the tile is overwritten with a special compound of similar color.

tile, facade, on the screws, is the ideal solution for those who need to quickly, inexpensively and efficiently to give the building a very presentable.