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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ceramic tile for facades , combined with warming

Ceramic tile for facades - the types and quality

as exterior decoration is used quite a lot of material, but if you require Facing tile for facades, the choice is rather poor - clinker, natural stone and artificial.And, if relative to the second and third options is clear - a stone, even a man-made, will look appropriately, the tiling house facade clinker is more diverse.In particular, it can mimic stone and brick, not to mention the large-format elements, which after finishing the wall as if lined with large building blocks.

clinker - material made of refractory clay extrusion, that is, with the participation of so-called "liquid phase", during which the tiles are formed before firing.

most unexpected effects can be achieved with the clinker.For example, built from local materials typical house, built among the Slavic patriarchal landscapes, can suddenly turn into an English villa.Using a different type of tiles, you get a real German mansion, decorated under the Framework.You can achieve and retro style, or to decorate the house in the direction of the modern high-tech.

As used facing facade tiles clinker?

As derived from the clay lining is similar to conventional ceramics, it is an environmentally friendly material and does not emit any harmful substances.Thus, due to the technical features of the firing, the material becomes completely waterproof, extremely low moisture absorption threshold (less than 2%).On clinker is not affected by sudden changes in temperature, when the scale is often bypasses the zero mark, going from plus to minus and vice versa .

If you aligned facing facade tiles with insulation, better use German profiled thermal insulation from expanded polystyrene, it pre-made cavities for clinker.In general, the material can be laid not only on concrete or brick walls, but also on the tree, which means that home from a bar, if desired, can be finished with a stone on the level of the cap.This option can be used with frequent and heavy rainfall in the region, when the dampness emanating from the ground, can affect the lower crowns of the walls.On top of the usual insulation slabs facade cladding tiles can be made using a reinforcing layer.

Tiling of facades with thermal insulation

Today many as conventional foam insulation is used, often the choice falls on mineral wool, but why do double duty, first warmed, and then finishing the tiles?Modern technologies have gone so far that in one material united wall tiles with insulation for the facade, which will result in thermal panels.In fact, this is the same slab insulation made of polyurethane foam, but on top they are covered with a durable molded shell of baked clay.In other words, the top layer consists of clinker.

Of course, when using this material choice insulation sharply narrows, rather, non-existent, but at the same time you cut in half the time it takes for the walls.It eliminates a separate stage tiling facades.In addition, putting the material in advance, you can be sure that the bottom layer is completely protected against moisture, as each panel is thoroughly tested for roadworthiness.Mounted such lined with plastic dowels, joints Connects longitudinal locks, which makes the lack of clearances, are attached at an angle of special types of panels, corner .