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August 12, 2017 18:07

Calculation of stormwater

How to calculate the amount of stormwater

Calculation of sediment runoff is necessary in order to choose the right diverter system with the necessary bandwidth before installation.The process presented in the form of two formulas that can be used to calculate the total volume of storm water entering a building.Formula conventionally called the outer and inner.The first is calculated based on the area of ​​the roof, the second - starting from several factors.

06 Calculation of stormwater - in

details of the formulas and calculation methods can be found in the literature, SNIP.In particular, the necessary information you will find in the SNIP 2.04.01-85 * to "internal drain" (a modern version of SP 30.13330.2011) and SNIP 2.04.03-85 regarding the flow of rain water (a modern version of SP 32.13330.2011).

internal formula described in detail in the SNIP 2.04.01-85 *, external or outer stormwater formula for calculating regulated SNIP 2.04.03-85.

Methods of sewage disposal

There are two possible methods of diversion sediment runoff from roofs of houses: point and linear.Each of them is characterized by certain features:

  • Spot.Stormwater runoff discharged from the roof by creating ramps that direct runoff to the receiving holes, after which the water is discharged into the waste system.This type of sediment outflow used on flat roofs.
  • linear.As part of this method, water is removed from the rooftops by a receiving trough.Then she, as in the past the way, is redirected to the waste system.This type of sedimentary tide can be found in pitched roofs type.Also, such a system is more simple, clear and popular than the first.

06 The calculation of storm water drain , under - roof

Once were calculated amount of storm drains, you can begin the process of selecting materials for the drainage system.From the volume of the discharged liquid may depend on the width and length of the gutter, the diameter of the crater and the distance between the plums.The correct calculation of these indicators can ensure that the water does not spill over the edge of the roof and facade of the house and cause damage to people.

himself drainage installation on the roof does not require special skills, it can be done independently or cause to create a stormwater experts.The same applies to the system materials can be purchased as a ready designer and just gather at home or choose cheaper, but difficult - to do everything from scratch with your own hands.