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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of the roof - a note home worker

technology roof insulation - choose material

The process of isolation of the roof suggests that it is necessary to approach responsibly, because statistics show that it is through the roof goes up to a quarter of the heat.Before starting work, it is important to remember things such as condensation and fungus, because of which can falter human health.

Experts give lots of advice as to what should be the correct scheme of roof insulation and roofing.Most often used for such purposes, materials such as concrete block, rock wool and foam.Each representative has a sufficient number of advantages, for example, a foam is easy to operate, and it is inexpensive, concrete block - reliable and refractory material.

To date, the most common insulation materials are: mineral wool and its variants, fiberglass and other insulation.The most popular mineral wool, and the producers made it on various bases.The following

its types: foam glass, based on basalt and cellulosic materials based on glass fibers and polystyrene.If you choose not cotton, and decided to make thermal insulation of roofs expanded clay, videos will explain clearly all the stages of the work.

roof insulation - materials, tools,

technology Through the preparatory work, it is important to inspect the rafters to rot, fungus and mold, if they show up, make sure the surface to treat and antifungal paint.It is also possible to replace obsolete items.roof insulation technology presupposes the existence of the following components:

  • material for waterproofing (asphalt);
  • material for thermal insulation (foam, mineral wool);
  • nails, edging board and wooden slats;
  • sealing foam.

to rack purchased the right size, use a jig saw and a hacksaw, but cut the foam slabs can be a knife.The following is the procedure for roof insulation, following which it is possible to get a decent result.

Always remember that if your house flat roof, then insulate it can be both internal and external methods, in one or more layers.In the performance of the external method is preferable.

Procedure roof insulation - that one should know to work?

If you choose the external insulation, it is necessary to clearly know whether the design is stable home to the weight of roofing and insulation materials.If the roof is non-planar, or rather loft or sloped, then choose a different technology.When

between the roofing and insulation material is insulated ramp that must exist air gap.Do not forget to create a vapor barrier, which protects the surface from the steam entering the inside of the house.Often it is embedded in the insulation itself, if the layer is not present, you will have to carry out its installation separately.

Very often laying insulation layer is made either on the rafters or between them.If you warm up you have a roof built house, the insulation is made only by the elements.During repair work on the mansard roof plate material spread on sloping surfaces extending between the guides located on the ridge to the base.

If there is an attic, but it is not used for its intended purpose, then it is sufficient to insulate the floor only.If this space is used owners of the house, then the slope of the roof is required to pave the insulation materials.