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August 12, 2017 18:07

Principles soft roof katepal

What katepal?His qualities

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Katepal - a flexible tile, which has in its composition and crude bitumen fiberglass elements.Bitumen tier has a protective layer against moisture.The next stage is represented by the colored granules of crushed stones.Bituminous adhesive component has features that contribute to a simpler installation of the roof and do not require the involvement of specialists.

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Katepal has several advantages:

  1. High, proven over the years the quality of the material
  2. Its soft texture quietly tolerate sharp ups and downs of temperature
  3. not susceptible to climate
  4. has fire properties.Absolutely safe
  5. Easily mounted
  6. Able to absorb the noise impacts of raindrops
  7. has an extensive range of colors

Negative qualities:

1. Inflated pricing

Important note: The benefits of a soft roof katepal much more.High costs on monetary able pay off for a long service life of the material.

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soft roof technology katepal

Installation begins with the preparatory work.It lays the foundation and roof mounted ventilation in order to avoid the destruction of hydroprocessing.Accumulation of moisture promotes reactions capacitor having a property freezing in sub-zero temperatures to melt at its rising and seeping into termosloy.Improper ventilation device leads to dangerous mold and mildew.In such cases, it recommends the use of wood coating, eliminating condensation.The vent is installed at maximum height, fence - at the bottom of the roof.

roof base of a tree has the ability to heat insulation and sound absorption.

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When the device shingles katepal used tools:

  • Hammer
  • Shpatelnaya installation
  • Knife with a hooked blade
  • knife for cutting metal
  • Measuring tape
  • rope employee level

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tacked katepal base adds ease of installation.Its tight joints adjacent to each other and allow air and moisture to penetrate beneath the surface.

Step by step installation guide

Finnish firm producing construction katepal developed a carpet, which is the basis for asphalt shingles roof.The company has taken care of the instructions on the package.Carpet is laid directly on the roof evenly over the surface.It is attached to the wooden boards nailed on the edges of the strip over the strip.On the grounds of the cornice screwed iron bar.

on horse rug roof falls over the entire width.The upper end is nailed to the wooden deck of the ramp.The second slope of the carpet is required to lay the ridge board by 15 centimeters.

slats fastened with screws and screwdriver.Instead, you can use wooden planks plate or rail.

katepal Installation is made with the central part of the eaves of the roof to the end of the installation.Low tier is placed so as to shingle the bottom layer was 5 centimeters above the eaves tiles.Tile is cleared of the protective film and screwed above the groove level.The maximum number of nails required - 6 pieces.

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Primal seams markup will make it flat.

roofing insulation holes (ventilation proemki antenna cables) produced by special sealing rubber bands.insulated metal pipe Hole apron to avoid fire insulated material.

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Video in the next tab will graphically describe katepal roof installation process.