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August 12, 2017 18:07

Transparent roof - closer to the sun , closer to the stars !

Features of the roof, the light transmitting

transparent roof - the perfect solution for country houses.However, mistakenly believing that any roof can be completely made of transparent material.Firstly, it should be understood that the originality and beauty of the decision not to cancel the current regulations concerning the safety of residential buildings, the quality of their lighting, insulation, laying communications, etc.Second, not all can withstand the psychological visual "absence" of the usual roof.

Third, the cost of installation work and material covering a large area, large enough to abandon this idea.Of course, there is the "fourth" and "fifth", so it is clearly understood for what use cases transparent roof optimally.Despite the excellent performance of the materials used, translucent roof is suitable only for partial shelter of a residential house and a full shelter of such facilities as swimming pool, conservatory, greenhouse, home observatory, covered patio.

It should be remembered that in order to increase the service life of such a roof is necessary to choose the design involving a large ramp.This will prevent the accumulation of snow on the roofing material, water, hail.

developers often offer performance of such roofs in the form of domes, pyramids, cones.

roofing materials manufacturing

most popular materials for the manufacture of this type of roofing materials are based on polymers and glass.The latter are the product of multiple windows, the space between which is filled with an inert gas such as argon or krypton.On the perimeter of the glass are sealed, which improves heat and sound insulation properties of the roof.Depending on the desired translucent indicator can be used one or another type of glass.

As regards polymeric materials, there is greater choice.Manufacturers offer developers translucent PVC roof and roof made of polycarbonate (monolithic and cellular). Note: the roof of the acrylic easily withstand high mechanical loads, are flexible, but they can easily pass the ultraviolet rays! If you do not want to constantly "sunbathing", then do not use this material.

Modern PVC roofing (Polyvinyl Chloride) is most often made of corrugated PVC sheets that can stretch and along and across, allowing you to make the roof more resistant to stress.Moreover, this material is particularly resistant to high temperatures and moisture.It is ideal for terraces, shelters, pavilions, terraces and light design of roofs.This roof can be colorless or colored, the profile of "waves" may also be different.

As for polycarbonate, its performance characteristics allow this material to refer to a class of engineering.It is perfectly suited for the manufacture of roofs of varying degrees of complexity.Today, polycarbonate is represented by two types: cellular and monolithic.

Monolithic polycarbonate has been successfully used in the device of roofs with a slight slope, as can withstand not only the weight, but also the load of sediment easily.He applied for the production of curved roofs, but it is worth considering that by the high cost of the material will be added more and no less than the high cost of work with him.

Cellular (cell) polycarbonate is more affordable, but because it is most prevalent in the construction sector.It is characterized by low specific gravity, and superior flexibility that allows to make transparent roof dome with a diameter of 10 meters!Due to the cellular structure, this material retains excellent heat indoors.Moreover, it is characterized by low flammability and able to last 10-15 years.Today, widespread canopies made of polycarbonate or the swimming pool terrace, roof greenhouses, porches, arbors from the same material.

main advantages and disadvantages of the roof of a transparent material

The roof, made of transparent material, as well as any design can have its advantages and disadvantages.Experts recommend carefully read and those and others.This will help to define more clearly so if you need such a roof.So, to the merits of the translucent roof of the house include:

  • visual extension of the space of a room.
  • magnificent natural light in the daytime.
  • Protection terraces or other ancillary facilities from atmospheric phenomena.
  • high degree of moisture resistance and strength of a quality installation.
  • attractive appearance.
  • Resistance to corrosion, UV radiation and chemical exposure.

Of course, it is worth remembering that used for the manufacture of such original roofing material also defines a number of properties and advantages of the finished structure.As disadvantages can be mentioned that not too long period of operation (as compared to conventional materials), the inability to flat roof installation, high cost of materials and assembly complexity.Thus, the transparent roof is original and aesthetic architectural design, not without a number of drawbacks.That is why pre-weigh the "pros" and "cons" of its mounting, to avoid having to pay twice.