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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a drill and not to get lost at the counter ?

What will have to choose?

Drill is:

  • shock - drill all solid materials, except for high-quality concrete;
  • unstressed - for wood, plastic and metal, has a high degree of accuracy;
  • drill-screwdriver - have a limiting mechanism;
  • drill mixer to stir the mixture;
  • corner - for limited spaces, the cartridge is at an angle to the body;
  • diamond drills - masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete.

How to choose a drill for the house?It is necessary to determine what it was for.Hammer Drill is the most versatile tool, it is present in every home worker.This instrument is sufficient for all current small repairs.Professional diamond drills need for a large building, if you want to build a house from scratch, for example.In practice, all the tools are divided into household and professional use.

How to choose a tool - consider criteria

Choosing a drill home should be done on such indicators as the uptime and performance.The maximum continuous operating time - 10 hours, so it is the case with professional not the number of hours required for homework is sufficient 5. The optimum capacity for the house is considered to be 500 watts, while the network is not overloaded.

Choice drills also depends on the engine speed and the adjusting mechanism.Motors are designed for domestic turnover of up to 3000 per minute, more is required.When you purchase is necessary to clarify what is the maximum diameter of the resulting hole.This is necessary in order not to overheat the motor.

How to choose a drill?First of all, assess how much space will be removed from the drilling tool.It depends on this choice of food - from AC or battery power.The battery version is much more convenient and more compact.If you buy two batteries, can work continuously, charging them alternately.

determine how to choose a good drill to help the following tips:

  • frequency of rotation should be regulated, the start should be smooth;
  • sufficient power;
  • best cartridge - a classic;
  • overload protection, or turn off the system;
  • second removable handle;
  • presence of the reverse;
  • strap-depth.

constantly debated issue at the beginning of builders - how to choose the drill.The answer, of course, impact - the eccentric causes the drill chuck and vibrate, it allows you to make holes in almost any material.Moreover, such a punch mode can be disabled, provided in each model.

A few more tips

There are a number of individual settings, how to choose the drill.First, you must look at the number of adjustment steps.Average number - up to 22, it is necessary to ensure that the material with high resistance to disconnect transmission of rotation from the motor and prevent damage.

In practice, this looks like that at the moment of contact with the screw head is screwed surface stops and screw simply recessed flush.

How to choose drill?This question is also likely, and financial, because all the tools are divided into distinctive classes.The quality can be divided into ordinary, middle and upper class.It usually refers model Sparky and Skill .These models, as well as unnamed Chinese need to buy when the drill is needed very rarely, or when there are restrictions on the media.

middle-class tools include Hitachi , Black & amp; Decker , Makita and domestic Interskol .This reliable device, living for a long time and does not require much effort and cost for maintenance.For the upper class are DeWalt , HILTI and Metabo , it is basically a professional drill, but there is a domestic model, which is beyond praise.