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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to remove oil-based paint on the walls - competently fighting with the past

How to remove oil-based paint on the walls - Getting Started in the armed

As already stated, remove a layer of oil paint on the wall is not so simple.It takes a lot of time, effort and nerves.This is especially significant for those cases when attempts to clean the wall on the first try did not succeed.Today, there are many ways to "fight" with oil paint - some of them inherited from parents and grandparents, and others offer modern professionals.

But whichever method you choose, do not forget about security measures.Risk are the eyes, ears, respiratory tract, hands.That is why, before you start to work, please be gloves, respirators, hearing protection and special glasses for the eyes.As regards the impact of your work - space pollution, then it makes little sense to take any action on its provisional protection from debris.The fact is that the removal of oil paint on the walls is most often carried out long before the finishing decorating.

Now you need to figure out what kind of tools should be at hand.Of course, their choice largely depends on the area of ​​work and the quality of the old coating, however, experts do not exclude the fact that the work you will have to wait for "surprises".That is why it is best to have on hand a full ammunition.As a general rule, it includes:

  • regular sandpaper of varying degrees of abrasion;
  • drill with GRINDER nozzles;
  • Bulgarian or grinder;
  • metal spatula various widths;
  • chemical remover;
  • building hairdryer.

you remove oil paint - even if the cause of a wash chemical and spatula

So, now you know what to remove oil-based paint, but practice shows that a combination of several methods - the best solution to the problem.A good option would be to use "mismatched" spatulas and chemical removers.A wide spatula is perfect for those sections of the wall, where the paint is gradually began to swell and delaminate.In those places where it is kept pretty hard for scraping use the smallest tool better.To provide additional convenience in the work can, if we assign a spatula on a long stick or the handle, for example, from the mop.

On the question of what to wash away oil-based paint, the answer is quite simple - a chemical stripper, which can be easily purchased at any hardware store.When using the chemical composition should be aware of basic safety measures.

addition to the mandatory hand protection, respiratory tract and eyes, you need to take care of effective ventilation of premises.All windows and doors are in the process of applying the solution should be open.Chemical remover is most often used when the mechanical means cleaning the walls are powerless.However, often it requires repeated application of the composition to achieve maximum effect.The process of applying washes is pretty simple: the chemical is applied to the surface of the wall, and after a specified time in the instructions the paint is removed with a cloth.

Removing oil paint from the walls mechanically

If a task can not handle spatula and chemical remover than clean oil-based paint?Go to the heavy artillery!Removing old paint layer with a sander, grinder or nozzles on the drill - all mechanical methods of cleaning the walls.If you are using a drill, to begin with, use a nozzle made in the form of a round wire brush.After that, replace it with a flat circular nozzle with replaceable blades abrasive.

If you decide to use a sander, then also use several types of sandpaper.In the first phase of work - coarse, and as paint stripper from the wall - a fine-grained. Note that the remover oil paint mechanically entails the formation of a huge amount of dust, so do not forget about the means of protection against it. In some cases, the results of the drill or grinder to be corrected with the help of an ax

The clean oil paint - Construction hairdryer and other ways

When using construction dryers remove the old layer of oil paint to talk about the thermal method, remove it.To be most effective work to be carried out in four hands, that is, two people.One directs a jet of hot air onto the wall surface.At that moment, when the paint is exposed to high temperature begins to soften and exfoliate, the second person with a spatula to quickly remove it.Most importantly - do not overheat the surface of the wall before the paint charred.

In addition to these basic methods of removing layers of old oil paint there are many others, but they are used much less frequently.

  1. Remove oil paint, you can use an iron and foil.A large sheet of foil is applied to a specific portion of the wall and ironed with a hot iron.After that, the paint is removed with a spatula immediately.
  2. wall surface can be covered with liquid glass.When it dries the deformation and peeling of the film with silicate paint.
  3. can dissolve a creamy consistency with a solution of potassium carbonate.For this purpose, water is added about 1.2 kg of quick lime and 0.5 kg of potassium carbonate.The resulting solution was uniformly applied to the wall and left for 12 hours.Then with a spatula to remove the paint can.

Thus, if you previously did not know how to remove the oil paint from the ceiling or wall, you can now choose the most suitable way for you.Attach a maximum of patience and effort and after a while you will enjoy modern and aesthetic final finishing of the walls, which will take the place of oil paint.