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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair of the building dryer - helping themselves to his instrument

device construction dryer - studying anatomy device

tool used most often in the repair and construction.For example, if the tool can be used to warm up the old varnish or paint, which facilitates its removal.Also, it can easily be welded film soldering metal parts, plastic pipe bend.It is often used in the wood processing.

device building dryer simple and understandable to the ordinary man.The main difference of this tool by, for example, a blowtorch is no combustion within the tool, and therefore, for his work is not in use any fuel.

inside the instrument can detect a small motor, a heating coil and fan.Hot air is thus discharged through a nozzle.Dryer performance depends on how much air can liters per minute drive device.

large number of models can be equipped with additional functions: control the flow of air, precise temperature control, the selection of the desired operating mode.Another dryer may have a special LED, determining the temperature of the heating device, and various nozzles.

Building dryer - with their own hands and fix it, and break

dryer Damage can happen at any time, especially when improper and careless use it.Breaks in the main power cord (at constant bend) button on the device or the switching temperature may break or burn the wires inside the device, or burn out the motor fan.

During use, the building dryer temperatures may be poorly regulated or not regulated at all.All the tool problems happen from its misuse, but if it happened such a nuisance, try to consider first aid in such situations.

If you look in the device unit, the repaired building hair with your hands is not difficult.Moreover, the repair can get cheaper.Although if you do not understand the instruments, it is better to use the services of service, otherwise it is likely that the tool does not work longer.

Repair building dryer - diagnosis and treatment of your instrument

Before starting repair building dryer with your hands, you need to carefully examine the device and identify the cause of failure.Inspect need all radio buttons, the power cord and plug.If the wire is damaged, it must be replaced.If faulty temperature on and switch button, you need only find an analogue of a broken button.

Next is the analysis of a hair dryer in different positions.If the hair dryer blows air, but it is cold, it is necessary to inspect the spiral if the air is not supplied, it is necessary to examine the motor or fan.However, to determine the number of faults external examination will be small.

Before construction to repair the hair, it is necessary to prepare the camera (to capture all the stages of disassembly), as well as the necessary tools (screwdriver, soldering iron).In order to repair the internal problems, can be useful as a hair dryer building scheme.

Completion of the construction is a hair dryer in the inspection device for the presence of stains, damaged parts places rust.Be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the spiral wires and devices.

postings fan or hair dryer to replace the spiral simply, but if blown engine, then this device is almost impossible to repair.If burned any part inside the unit, then find and replace it with help special test instruments and circuitry construction dryer.