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August 12, 2017 18:07

Application of rough cast roll or give the room personality?

Preparing walls

First the walls are removed the old wallpaper.To make them easy to take off, it is better to wet with water.Next, the entire wall is trimmed with a spatula, it allows you to remove the remnants of paint and whitewash.The main task of the preparatory process - to align the entire surface.Therefore, all the places where no longer plaster, filler treated.To this end, the entire wall is carefully inspected and any, even the smallest irregularities are removed with sandpaper.

Important!Smooth surface - is the main guarantee of the quality of fit of the plaster.If you do the job well enough, the plaster will start to crumble with time.

After the entire surface and the corners are in order, you can proceed to the next step.Before applying the primer processed plaster wall to enhance the strength of the future coating.At this stage it is necessary to determine the texture, color and other nuances of the plaster.

application technique

method for applying decorative plaster will depend largely on the invoice.Each type of plaster is applied in their own way - a roller or spatula.The final result, first of all, it depends on the method of working with the material.So, decorative mixture to be applied to the roller, always leaves a varied picture.

Experts advise to work with plaster in dry and warm days.If the weather is rainy or high humidity, it is recommended to postpone the process until suitable weather conditions.Before operation there is no need to take any precautions, because the material does not cause allergies, irritation and is perfectly washed off with plain water and soap.

When working roller for textured plaster consumes about one kilogram per square meter area.If the walls are well aligned and fine-grained plaster, the flow rate becomes smaller.If the alignment process has been poorly executed, the flow rate may be greater than one and a half kilograms per square meter.

Note!Tinting plaster should be carried out taking into account that, when it dries, its color becomes darker tones steamed.

Stages laying plaster

After all the preparatory work comes the turn of the direct application of plaster.This will draw roller "bark beetles" , which will create a drawing and speed up the work.The process is as follows:

  • Before applying the composition needs to be tinted.After this decorative plaster is applied with a large roller or fine grain, depending on the type of surface.
  • «rolls» Lots for 1.5-2 meters.The plaster dries quickly, so you need to work on sites.Apply a mixture of voluntary movements in all directions.

The junction between the various sections must be torn to do otherwise (at the junction of the flat) it will be clearly visible.

  • Further there is an alignment using a plastic spatula.Makes the move from top to bottom.After that, the wall must be completely dry.
  • After drying roll is taken from pile of medium length, and the wax is applied on the basis of acrylic.This is necessary for protecting layer for more saturated colors.
  • After drying wax polish it with a woolen cloth.
  • two weeks later, the wall can be cleaned without problems.