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August 12, 2017 18:08

Equipment for welding of polyethylene pipes in modern production

What are these devices?

unit for welding of polyethylene pipes used to connect the pieces with a diameter of 40-250 mm for pressure communication and up to 315 mm for non-pressure.For large diameter equipment is used for welding of HDPE pipes with hydraulic drive.There are three types of devices: automatic, manual and semi-automatic.According to distinguish the type of welding and butt coupling.

welding machine consists of a control unit, power unit and step-down transformer, and all this is in a single package.Connect it to a power outlet with a voltage of 220 volts and to a mobile generator.The level of generated voltage and current can be adjusted, which allows for electric fittings from different manufacturers 16-1200 mm in diameter.The permissible temperature mode of using the device ranges from -15 degrees to + 45 degrees.

Note!Some models have the ability to manually enter welding parameters.

Butt welding - reliability for decades

Butt welding - a technology that is used for many years for the connection of plastic materials.For this work used a special welding machine for HDPE pipe.It works with the following technologies.The ends of the pipes are installed in the device and connect.After their fixation edge stripped using a tool, thus ensuring their parallelism.

further ends of the pipes are exposed to heat with a special plate with a coating of PTFE.The heating process is regulated by a thermostat.This stove is installed so that it is between the ends that need to be connected.When the material is heated to the melting state, plate removed, and the ends are compressed and left to cool. Note!After fixing the pipes should we clean up the perfect smoothness, because it is the key to secure fixing.

Once the material has dried, the seam is obtained on the inner and outer surfaces.He removed without too much difficulty with special equipment.The quality of the weld can be easily and quickly installed by visual inspection.This method is considered to be one of the most reliable and efficient, its reliability verified by many years of use.But welding machine for PE pipe exists not only for spot welding, there is another way.

equipment for welding of polyethylene pipes muff way

machine for welding of polyethylene pipes is often used for connecting muff way.This method is to mount special couplings using heating elements.By spiral heating element passes electricity, leading to melting of polyethylene and welded to the pipe style.

Note!This type of welding is considered to be as effective as the connection point, and selecting the welding method will depend on the availability of certain equipment.

Before starting the welding robot the whole surface carefully trimmed mechanically to remove all kinds of dirt and oxide film.Due to the fact that use a special welding equipment for polyethylene pipes, it is possible to achieve complete immobility of pipes and fittings.Such immobility is preserved during the heating and the sleeve material during cooling.