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August 12, 2017 18:08

Adhesive for ceramic tiles - how to choose and use ?

A variety of adhesives for ceramic tiles

important to understand that the composition of the adhesive mass is directly dependent and its performance.Therefore, all the formulations on the market are divided into types, according to the present components:

  • Adhesives based cement.This type - one of the most popular.Cooked dry mixture should be diluted with water in the correct proportions, and the glue is ready.The disadvantages of such mixtures include quick drying in the open air, so at work need a certain skill, but rather the presence of experience and qualifications.These compounds have varying degrees of elasticity;
  • mixtures based on cement-introduced plasticizer .This innovation allows you to work with a mixture of glue significantly longer, as well as improves the elasticity;
  • One-component adhesives realized in the form of ready to use pastes.This allows the user to use them immediately after purchase and does not make mistakes in the proportions while blending the components.These pastes sufficiently flexible, easily applied to the surface for a long time do not dry;
  • Two-component adhesives , on the contrary, are sold in the fragmented composition to be mixed during the installation works of the lining, they are different elasticity.In addition, they can be used as the weight of the trowel.These mixtures are recommended for laying tiles in heavy wear areas, as well as in wet areas.

Features selecting and working with glue

When choosing a mixture, in addition to its composition, also need to consider several factors: the type and roughness of the base under the trim, tile size, place the lining, etc.Buying adhesive for ceramic tiles, whose consumption depends on the size of the mounted material, do not forget about such as how elasticity.

This factor affects the deformation ability of the adhesive mass.After drying the mixture creates a certain tension, if it is not sufficiently elastic, then this tension splits tiles, and on it there are cracks.

Therefore, if you are going to stoning SCE, aerated concrete, cinder block, floor heating, etc., it is advisable to use adhesives with high elasticity.

Before talking about , how to glue ceramic tiles , I would like to draw attention to some of the recommendations, the implementation of which does not depend on the type of glue mixture or from work.

  • All work must be at t + 5? C, cook the mixture should be strictly adhering to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Clay need to cover at least 70% of the surface of the tile;if it is large, then it covered the whole tile.
  • Implement grouting the tile and start to operate until necessary than dry adhesive mass.

How to glue ceramic tiles - quick tutorial

Before starting the installation work surface is leveled, cleaned from dust and dirt.From the dirt is washed away and the very tiles.To perform the work requires a spatula, and a conventional gear, construction level, crosses separator, Tile cutters, and rubber mallet.

begin tiling must be at the far corner of the room.We try to put the tiles so that pruning is not very conspicuous.Apply the usual trowel adhesive mixture on the tile, the optimum thickness - about 2.5 mm.

Then align this layer with a notched trowel (for obtaining the desired thickness height comb spatula should be twice as much of the adhesive layer) and presses the tile to the work surface, check the correctness of packing building level, if necessary, inciting a hammer.

This is how we stack the bottom row, do not forget to use the dividers crosses.To prevent deformation of the series we give him dry out a bit and continue laying on the same technology.

Many novice masters is rather difficult to digest the information only in text mode, and to simplify visualization of the entire process is to glue ceramic tiles, video tutorials will be a good help.