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August 12, 2017 18:08

Welding cast iron : the diversity of approaches

iron - modern realities

Modern production tries to find new ways to create a more durable materials with a good performance.One of these is an alloy of iron and carbon, better known as iron.When this carbon may be present in the form of graphite or cementite, depending on the type of additives emit gray, and white cast iron.

durability of ferrous metals, which includes iron, making them the best material for the manufacture of gratings, gates, home decorating items.Cast iron pipes and batteries that can be found in every home, now replaced by a modern version, however, the material value of this has not diminished.

iron welding types

directly at the stage of creating the desired item can be cold welding cast iron , it allows in the shortest time to clean parts, to create a quality edge to hold post weld forging to final process element and securely fix it.

Despite the variety of options to work with a cast iron material, is considered the most reliable gas welding, it allows you to get high-quality surfacing, which is on the properties will be similar to the base material.As a rule, this method is used to eliminate damage, for example, the attachment of the detached construction, restoration of damaged smooth holes.

welding torch used in the work - a tool that should be managed by a highly qualified professional, the process takes a long time, so this method is often replaced by more straightforward.In the case where there is no possibility to pick up the item from an identical material to weld iron and steel communications.Thanks to the special electrodes work process goes fairly easy, similar to the chemical composition of steel and cast iron makes it possible to create high-quality replacement.

properly installed on the current polarity welding machine does the work as light as possible, and the result - durable.

welding Features - act carefully

main difficulty, which is often accompanied by electric welding iron - formation of cold cracks.Professionals working with the material, carefully study the composition of the iron and the proportion of carbon inserts.Selecting the correct operating mode, it is possible to avoid unpleasant consequences.

studying general and specific characteristics of welding cast iron, you can create high-quality connection and to minimize the risk of cracks and breaks. Strong material has no ductility, quickly solidifies and is considered to be quite fragile. Basically, with this feature of the alloy associated with all welding problems.

According to experts, welding cast iron hot cold is much more difficult option, but it eliminates the risk of crack formation in the transition zones of joints.When welding is necessary to try to evenly heat the surface of most of the items are too large temperature difference between the weld and the basic element may cause cracks and breaks.

complicated welding cast iron requires special attention on the part of the expert, the material is poorly heated and mix with other elements.Moreover, presently there are several ways to carry out the procedure in the most optimal is selected depending on the alloy composition, the percentage of carbon and iron.