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August 12, 2017 18:08

Are Harmful vinyl wallpaper - the whole truth and fiction

Whence opinion about the dangers of vinyl wallpaper?

Vinyl wallpaper for painting usually have two layers.Lower - paper or nonwoven, and the top - polyvinyl chloride (PVC).It is this top layer and disturbing so many, it's an obvious chemical compound that certainly carries a lot of dangers to human health.And there is some truth.For PVC - material, steam and vodonepronetsaemy.On the one hand this makes it easy to take care of it - it can be easy to clean and wash.But, on the other hand - these properties are an obstacle to the air in the room and a wallpapered wall side condensate can accumulate and develop pathogenic fungi.It is really very dangerous, doctors say even that may develop allergic to vinyl wallpaper, due in the first place, these same fungi and harmful formaldehyde vapors from substandard materials.Here, the key word - poor quality - it can be attributed to such cheap Chinese fakes leading brands, as well as some types of domestic first-generation vinyl coverings.There is a common opinion that the safer wallpaper with silk-screen printing.Do not flatter yourself, silk screen - it's also vinyl, which are added natural or artificial silk yarn.In addition, there are other types: CD-vinyl, chemical embossing (inhibition), heavy vinyl, etc.

harmful to vinyl wallpaper latest generation?

As you know, almost everything in our lives can be upgraded and made more suitable for use by eliminating the harmful effects and the efforts useful.So the idea that vinyl can be microporous, that is - breathing.And this idea has already been successfully introduced into production.

If you want to have in the house in a safe environmentally situation, it is impossible to choose cheaper products, it is not clear where the "concocted."The most stringent requirements with respect to environmental safety are the leading manufacturers of the European countries (Germany, UK, Finland).The structure of the vinyl coating is also anti-fungal components may be included, which is especially important for sticking in places with high humidity.

most often in modern vinyl wallpaper present microporous, which is now used in most types of manufacturing firms.This must be specified on the label.That is to say, producing vinilivye coating damage trying to minimize.

How to choose the vinyl wallpaper to prevent harm?

Regarding the different vapors, ie simple advice.After all, before you buy wallpaper, you look at their sample on display - a bit of unwinding roll estimate, how it will look on the wall, etc.Be sure to unwind a little bit more, and ... smell.If the material is a sharp unpleasant smell - would not take it, it is obviously low-quality products, which will poison your whole family of harmful benzene vapors.Doubt the effectiveness of this method of verification, or think that over time the smell of "erode"?Go to the store finishing materials, where there is a large selection, and smell of the cheapest offers and products of leading European companies with environmental safety certificates.And, as the saying goes - feel the difference!And you feel it for sure, unless, of course, do not suffer from a chronic runny nose.

Formaldehyde - is not the mythical invisible killer, but quite noticeable odor.Yes, the manufacturers claim that it evaporates even during the coating manufacturing.But this is - if all the production requirements.And sometimes in the factory where these requirements are met only on paper, it can produce vinyl wallpaper, from which phenolic compounds will evaporate in your apartment.

And that would not say as to whether the harmful vinyl wallpaper, you should know that a chemical compound polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is also used for the manufacture of plastic windows, linoleum production, is now trendy suspended ceilings.And that is not all!Insulation of wiring, plastic panels and bags in which we wear products free of PVC!In addition, the findings of ecologists, much more harmful fumes "famous" chipboard, of which now made most of the furniture, located in almost every apartment.So against this background, "evaporation" of vinyl wallpaper is almost no role.

The conclusion seems simple: vinyl wallpaper in harmful if made without compliance with all environmental regulations.Modern analogues microporous harm you will not do, because, with the possibility of easy cleaning and washing, yet breathable and micro particles of water, though slightly worse than paper.It is not harmful vapors saturated the room.

Therefore, to soon you will not have a question - how to remove vinyl wallpaper, intending to hang the walls of this material, think first of all about the quality, not the economy, and then everything will be fine.To minimize possible harm is sufficient to was a normal air circulation and to ensure its inflow from outside.If doubts remain, then use vinyl coverings in the rooms where you spend less time: in the hallway, in the kitchen (there is also a better ventilation by drawing), in the living room.And choose a more ecological material for the bedroom and child: paper wallpaper, or more expensive, but beautiful and safe material from plant materials - cork, bamboo, etc.