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August 12, 2017 18:07

High-quality processing of apartments and furniture of bedbugs

That includes sanitizing the premises of the bugs?

Pest implies the destruction of the insects in a certain area.A range of measures can be carried out, both in the apartment and on the street, but, more often, treatment is required to hold it in apartments.

Pest apartment comprises treating toxic insecticides.They are a great solution against insects, but almost harmless to humans.

That includes sanitizing the premises of the bugs ?

Pest bedbugs differs from a similar procedure for ants or cockroaches, as these parasites feed only on human blood.That is why the treatment rooms is carried out only with the help of various tools or aerosol exposure to temperatures.It is important that preparations were sprayed on the surface of furniture as long as possible, then it is possible to completely get rid of the parasite - new individuals emerging from the larvae will die immediately.

That includes sanitizing the premises of the bugs ?

apartments treatment can be carried out by the following methods:

  1. Processing hot mist.
  2. Cold treatment.
  3. use of chemicals.

use of chemicals is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but also the most effective.It was his most often used.

Processing of bedbugs in St. Petersburg - where to go for help

To pest control was safe and effective, it is necessary to choose the right service disinfestation.Many of them are used in the toxic drugs that adversely affect the health of occupants.

Processing of bedbugs in St. Petersburg - where to go for help

In St. Petersburg, a lot of companies that carry out disinfection and disinfestation facilities.

If you need a really high-quality and reliable processing of the sofa or the entire apartment from the bugs, it is best to seek the help of the district SES.

Processing of bedbugs in St. Petersburg - where to go for help

Before you call professionals need to know what preparations will be carried out pest control.If the manager says dichlorvos - cause such a team is not necessary.Currently such procedures occur when using such tools as the Fufanon or Tetriks.

In addition, you need to know for now guarantees.If after the delousing insects soon appeared again, then re-disinfestation of bedbugs should be made free of charge.

most often in Yekaterinburg disinfestation carried out it is the local SES.two drugs are usually used - one that disappears in an hour, and one that is five hours.SES is rarely provides services for the processing of bedbugs steam, giving preference to chemical drugs.

Processing of bedbugs in St. Petersburg - where to go for help

How much does the pest control?

fee will vary depending on the selected company, the size of rooms and the number of insects.The SES processing cost is much cheaper than in many private companies.

How much does the pest control ?

Price Processing of bedbugs in the average is 1200 rubles per room.It is the use of chemical agents.The cost of hot mist processing above, a one-bedroom apartment will have to pay about 4500 rubles.This is the most expensive method of treatment, but that it offers the greatest guarantee.