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August 12, 2017 18:07

Connect shower

first stages of establishing

The first stages of the establishment

establishment shower room is one of the not simple processes, for which should be presented instructions and installation guidelines.To correctly identify the place in which to be, is, the installation should adhere to these specifications:

  • First you need to bring the metal to the power grid, which necessarily have to be grounded.
  • Installation should be located near the ventilation, in order to highlight the condensate could damage the walls and other objects.

The first stages of the establishment

In the beginning, when time is required for the connection setup, it is necessary to collect and well oriented in its characteristics.Before the shower is connected to the water supply networks, it is necessary to understand its exact size.

Initially, it will take time to deal with the establishment of the bottom of the shower - tray.It should be placed in a horizontal position using a long level.To keep things stable, it is possible to exploit the additional central support.

to connect the pan to overflow networks need:

  • occur when connecting the unit to the drainage system, it is best to use flexible hoses, which are quite long.
  • piping must be installed with a certain bias
  • It is advisable to use drain pump, if your shower is located at a great distance from the riser.
  • Just operate the pump with the solenoid valve to prevent flooding.
  • That water flowed on the drainage system without any problems, the location of the siphon must be above the drain.

main thing to always remember that the shower tray in a fixed state shall always be located above the level of the sewer system.This is one of the most important rules to the initial stages of establishing mount your shower.

The first stages of the establishment

main rules of installation to plumbing systems

When there is a process of the installation work plumbing system, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of all sealed connections.To this end, all employees and plumbing installers are advised to use special means of hermetic.

special attention to connecting the shower was held right is to adhere to this:

  1. Water pipes should have a location along the length of the floor or hidden under it.
  2. water supply comes from under the sink.
  3. should be installed filters for water purification.

When the soul connection to the water network must be done so:

  1. First you need to cut off the water and open the taps with hot and cold water, to reduce the pressure.
  2. Previous shower should be removed with a special tool.
  3. With ticks need to remove the sleeve from an old soul.Then put on the compressor fittings to the system of hot and cold running water.
  4. must bear a special coating on the thread, which is screwed adapter.
  5. are made openings in the wall using a drill.
  6. According to the instructions, apply silicone sealant to attach and anchor.
  7. should be set to the adapter special hoses in the process need to tie pliers.To establish
  8. shower panel bolts to put on well, starting with the outer bolt.
  9. On the outside of the panel screwed artificial plates, which are attached to the water supply pipe.
  10. To check the tightness of all the connections you need to turn on the water in the standpipe and fasten the handle.

last stages connecting

Shower function may have a connection to the power supply, unless the device is equipped with a hydromassage or parogenetratorom.For such connections using a three-wire cable with certain sections.You also need to install a ceiling part:

  • In deckhead necessary to fix a watering can with a hose, a speaker and a fan with a certain light.
  • install ceiling mounted on special items.During installation, all connection places anoint hermetic means.

The last stages of the accession

a very important role plays installation door installation, which should have the attachment:

  1. should be installed every door rollers.
  2. The door is required to be a sealing material.
  3. When adjusting the doors, it is necessary to find the most convenient location.
  4. All screws and other zakrutochnye elements should be hidden.
  5. process of establishing all the missing elements.

The last stages of the accession


installation to connect the shower enclosure were made according to the criteria, you must check the following items:

  • fixing strength of the pallet.
  • All panels should not have flaws.
  • Installation should not be sharp angles.
  • joints must be made as airtight as possible.
  • At start-up of water, and when retracting it into the sewer, in the cockpit must be a good location and comfortable conditions.