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August 12, 2017 18:07

Lighting attic - let there be light and clear during the day and dark at night!

attic Artificial lighting - its main function

most often during the day the sun's rays illuminate the attic, penetrating into the room through the oversized window.They create a happy mood, make you forget about the worries and boredom.What do you do when the day is on the wane, and the rays of the setting sun is not enough?Of course, the use of artificial light sources!Do not underestimate their importance, because they are not only banal functional, but also decorative load.

Contemporary floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps - all of them, rather like works of art than conventional lighting.Properly selected roof lights are integral elements of the interior, they emphasize the stylistic decision successfully and create the desired accents.As the functionality of artificial light sources, but light emission trivial, they can visually correct the shortcomings premises.This is achieved in various ways.

Thus, it is possible to abandon the ceiling light chandelier and dwell only on lamps and sconces.This will not only accents, but also to avoid visual reduce the height of the ceiling.Lighting angles, on the contrary, will make the room more "open" and it will increase the visual space.However, in this case it is necessary to avoid sloppy joints and finishing materials.Otherwise, they will be evident.Quite often, owners of country houses, interested in the question of registration of the attic, they hear about the general and local artificial light.It is necessary to understand in more detail what it is.

Chandeliers, sconces, lamps for the attic - choose between general and local lighting

So, artificial lighting of the attic floor, as well as any other room, can be general and local.Common light source - a chandelier or lamp, the light from which is distributed evenly over the entire area of ​​a room.Of course, in this case we are talking about the ceiling lighting fixtures.A local source for lighting a specific area of ​​the attic.It can be a floor, table, wall lamps, spotlights, lamps, lights, such as headboards or wooden beams.

Depending on the design features of the attic room, experts recommend to give preference to one or another type of lighting, or combine them.

So, if your house carefully sheltering gable roof, you should abandon general lighting - it will only emphasize the absence of the ceiling itself and focuses on the narrowed space.And it will be inappropriate in the case where the ceiling height is not too large.A much more interesting solution is to use a multi-level lighting, attic lighting using LEDs.So, better to give preference to local lighting - floor lamps on the bedside tables, floor lamps, intricately curving over your favorite armchair, wall lights some of the original mirror.

Light in the attic - practical advice

Today, interior designers do not skimp on the advice required for the organization of artificial light in the attic.First, they recommend all means to drive the darkness of the room, as the attic should a priori be light, because it is like no other room is open sunlight and clear sky.In practice, the ideal option is to combine in the spacious attic of general and local lighting with light finishing materials.

Secondly, this same technique can be used even in a small room, but add to it a number of tricks. So, the mirror is better to place opposite the window and frame a couple of lamps, use a bright accents backlit .Third, you can slightly "dilute" the border of at least one wall.For this purpose, it mounted a small ledge with built-in spotlights directed at the wall.In addition, experts recommend careful approach to the choice of bulbs, because each of them is different only her inherent characteristics - power, brightness and intensity of the emitted light.

Tungsten-halogen bulbs, for example, provide an attractive and pretty close to daylight.Fluorescent lamps, on the contrary, will bring a touch of coldness in lighting.Do not forget about the frame of lamps, sconces and floor lamps.Material production directly affects the light intensity and quality.Thus, a little knowledge and careful approach to the design of the interior will transform the attic into a comfortable and cozy room.