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August 12, 2017 18:08

Countertops for bathroom with their hands : photos, reviews, examples .

countertop in the bathroom - a highlight of the interior

Thoughtful interior of the apartment, and in particular the bathroom can be proud of your home.The main thing to pick up moisture resistant interior.Very original look countertop in the bathroom.It is simply irreplaceable in the spacious bathrooms, and little can be fitted in a wonderful corner of beauty hygiene - Moidodyr no longer in vogue.Table top will store toiletries, and a woman and make-up table yet.The table top - it's usually a separate module, which append to the wall.This piece of furniture can be very different configuration and be focused on a particular shell and executed in such a way that it looks like a combination of harmony and called sink-countertop.These models are now very fashionable and stylish look.Thus, countertop sink extends the wings.To produce such a model requires appropriate material.

most suitable and affordable option - a tabletop and bath, embodied in artificial stone.These products are very practical, do not scratch and does not cleave.They were easy to care and by high humidity, they do not change color and does not absorb odors, unlike wood or plastic.No aggressive medium, acids, alkalis can not harm and do not leave marks on it.

countertop in the bathroom

To match this element must be a bath, made of the same acrylic stone.Bath made of artificial stone is able to keep the temperature of the water for a long time due to the special plates embedded in the rock, and does not swell from moisture.Due to the characteristics of acrylic stone plumbing last for many years without changing its pristine appearance.In addition to countertops and bathtubs made from it sinks, podstolya under the sink, veneer, planed construction used in the exterior and interior decoration of buildings.

countertop in the bathroom

Countertops made of artificial stone.

In another way, this material is called artificial marble, cast marble, polymer concrete, marble industry.That composite structure, which consists of a polyester resin and fillers such as marble chips, quartz sand, other.Polyester resin then serves as a binder that connects the natural mineral components.Therefore it is possible to achieve the simulation of natural marble, jasper, malachite, granite, onyx translucent.Cast marble has high mechanical strength.

countertop in the bathroom

Compared with natural marble artificial possesses:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • minimal moisture absorption;
  • high antibacterial properties;
  • frost to minus 50 ° C;
  • high thermal insulation;
  • resistance to vibration and destruction;
  • wear twice the natural marble.

countertop in the bathroom

great advantage of cast stone from its natural maintainability.You can easily remove any chips and defects on the surface.

countertop in the bathroom

abundance of modern building materials help make the interior of your apartment the most daring ideas.Artificial stone is very grateful.Suitable for decoration and for the manufacture of sufficiently large interior elements.