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August 12, 2017 18:07

Choosing a ledge for the bathroom and set their own hands .Photo examples.

Cornice bathroom.Telescopic, semicircular arch, angled.

These elements of the interior are distinguished by the method of installation, material, color and shape:

  • straight - this is an ordinary straight bar, which is put on the curtain.They are fixed on two opposite walls;
  • geometric - L-shaped, U-shaped, semi-circular or arc, round and any asymmetric shapes.For example, if the bath is located in the middle of the room, the best choice - oval or round bar (as it is called, ledge-ring);
  • sliding - fixed at only one point of attachment.They are revealed and gathered on a fan.Such moldings are original, very easy to use and better than others save space.Therefore, they are more expensive than others;
  • telescopic rails for the bathroom - is the easiest to install.After the accessory is fastened to two parallel walls and does not require drilling holes.It has the form of tubes in a tube, which is necessary to stretch and fix the required length by means of special caps.Also, it is easy to remove.These products should be selected high quality only.If on the contrary, then they can not be kept on the walls and injure someone;
  • Flexible - combine flexibility and rigidity.They are made of special aluminum profile that is bent hands, just across the knee.

The arched cornice for bathroom

Cornices, mainly made of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel.

  • plastic and aluminum: the price of a small, but this same quality.After some time, I will have to make a new purchase due to the fact that the moldings of these materials begin to sag;
  • stainless steel - the most high-quality material.Rods of it will change shape and will last for many years;
  • rare, but used wood corbels.

The bar in the bathroom

color scheme for these products is very rich.But the most popular colors - it is gold, silver, chrome and bronze.

Cornice Bathroom

How to install a cornice with their own hands.

For this work need tools: knife, drill, pencil marks, punch, drill bits for concrete and tile, screwdriver.You may have to purchase a diamond drill, the drill will not take the tiles of granite and glass tile.Also it is better not to take a marker instead of a pencil, it should be difficult to scrub the tiles.

To install the cornice, first attach it to the wall.With a pencil mark its location.If cornice for bathroom semicircular, it is mounted on the two mounting points on the adjoining walls.To do this, drill a wall, place plugs in the holes and fix the curtain rod with screws.May be applied and the uprights, they are mounted in the floor and are fixed at the midpoint of the rod itself.If the bar is long and hard, such a design does not give it to bend.

Installing the cornice in the bathroom

Normally, all moldings are attached to the walls.But when it has a complex shape, if it is attached to the ceiling and more.At the same time the wall and to the ceiling fixed asymmetric and flexible moldings.But if the room ceilings, the ceiling mount will not work.It is not advisable to make such a fixation if the ceiling is lined with plastic plates or clapboard.Concrete foundation or a solid ceiling - this is the best option for ceiling mounting.

Cornice bathroom with extra fixtures

Cornice bathroom - a simple element of the interior.But the little things in the house does not happen.So, with a little effort, you can make a bathroom comfortable and safe.