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August 12, 2017 18:07

The interior of the small room

principles of interior design of small size

  • rooms Avoid using in a small room of large objects - so it looks even less
  • Minimalism in interior visually expands
  • area of ​​use of contrast spots in the interior of a small room "narrows" space
  • Lighttones allow you to increase space and dark - reduce

The interior of the small room, living room

Before starting the conversion, you should decide with the style of your small living room - a classic, high-tech or can be modern.Wall color is better to choose light, as it will allow "mentally" to expand the space of the room.The bright eye-catching color (red, green, yellow) are best used in the form of decorative parts - strips inserts.

If your living in small sizes, pay special attention to the ceiling clearance.Glossy suspended ceiling give a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.Besides fashion spotlights, star-like scattered on the surface of the ceiling (or located on its perimeter) will be an exquisite addition to the interior.

The interior is very little room welcome minimalism.For example, a large comfortable sofa, a place for the TV, a few of hinged shelves or cabinets.As a complement - light curtains on the windows of a material darker shade than the color of the walls.

The interior of the small room , living room

interior of a small room, bedroom

often modest sized bedrooms, besides the room is usually also a dressing room.Despite its small size, fully able to transform this room to sleep in a truly heavenly place.

First of all, remove the unnecessary things and objects - this will free up room space for the "flight" of designer fantasies.From furniture - a compact bed, built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors, shelving and a minimum fine details.The large "royal" bed canopies and heavy mass of pillows are more suitable for large bedrooms.

The walls and ceiling must be decorated in bright colors.Opposite the window is better to hang a mirror in which the reflection of your small bedroom will seem much larger.

The interior of the small room , bedroom

So, given useful tips, you can design the interior of a small room without a problem.Little effort - and you'll be surprised at the transformation of a small room in a stylish and cozy corner.