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August 12, 2017 18:07

Liquid acrylic bath - reviews , photos and instructions for use .

liquid acrylic bath - photos he looks like and what it is used.

Over time lose their original freshness, including bath.They may have scratches, chips, and the most disgusting spectacle, rust may appear on it.Actually for the restoration of the old, and there is a liquid acrylic.In a way a universal tool with which you can fix easily enough, all visible defects.And in a relatively short period of time to get almost new bath, which will not differ from the new ones.

Acrylic tub

new coating becomes quite strong, for example, when the coating thickness of six millimeters turns out strength, which can withstand the blow of a hammer.Enough for a long time keeps the water temperature.The new coating is pure white, and the color does not lose its luster and brightness for a long time.Quality acrylic such that no rust eats into it, filth, has antibacterial properties.It is odorless, easy to use, the service life of ten to fifteen years.

Acrylic bath instruction manual.Actually

liquid acrylic tub or tank, very easy to use.From the name of bath filler - just pour and get a new one!With the restoration can be easily cope on their own.Here is a small guide that we need:

  1. gloves, protective mask.
  2. Bulgarka.
  3. rubber spatula.
  4. Sandpaper of various grits.
  5. liquid acrylic 3.5 kg hardener to it.
  6. empty container with a spout to pour out of it.

begins with the preparation of the old surface of the bath.Detergent washed from the dirt and grime, degreased in any way.Using sandpaper equate all chips, cracks in one level with a total surface area, as well as with sandpaper get rid of especially big rust.If there are chips with large recesses, then they need to putty using automotive putty that dries quickly.Fifteen, twenty minutes should be sanded again wherever struck putty.Wash with running water and all type of warm water to warm the surface.After fifteen minutes, drain the water and quickly dry the surface of the hair dryer.Unscrew the valve and the pipe.Place a hole under some container to drain off the excess to acrylic.Training is over.

Preparing for the acrylic bath

Cooking liquid acrylic.Three and a half kilograms, usually enough for a standard bath restoration.Prepare the mixture according to the instructions and mix thoroughly for ten, fifteen minutes.Iridescent acrylic part in an empty container with a spout, and begin the restoration process.Pour need to start from the edge of a side, and gently, slowly.In this process, it is impossible to stop, take a break or poured on already poured.

Liquid acrylic bath

start pouring from the bath corner, where it adjoins the wall.Pour so as to obtain a four-layer, five centimeters.And continuing on as evenly pour, moving along the edge, and the stains will be formed, which in any case can not be touched.Let drain freely.So we do a full circle, and undertake to do the following from the middle of the rim, just there, where he graduated from the stains of the first round.When done, the bottom is very thick layer of acrylic, neat movements spatula slightly leveled surface in the side of the hole.Excess should drain.Leave to dry all, from one to four days.

Acrylic Bath

So, make sure everything with liquid acrylic bath can save money on buying a new one.We would be grateful if you leave your feedback in the comments.